Almawin Orange Cleaning Oil, 500 ml

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Almawin Orange Cleaning Oil, 500 ml
Belgian standard of organic cosmetics and detergents
Almawin Orange Cleaning Oil, 500 ml — Photo 1
Vegan - sign of the Vegan Society (vegan charity).
Removes unpleasant odors
Removes ink stains, chewing gum, varnish, oil paint, sticker glue, rubber marks

Almawin Orange Cleaning Oil, 500 ml

AlmaWin Concentrated Orange Cleansing Oil is universal for all types of cleansing.

Stain remover, solvent, household cleaner - these are the functions of this organic liquid, depending on the selected dosage.

Application: Concentrated orange oil for cleaning AlmaWin biologically breaks down grease, removes stains from clothes, carpets, upholstered furniture, removes unpleasant odors and can be used as a household cleaning agent.

Difficult soils such as chewing gum, ink, oil, nail polish, oil paint, ballpoint pen paste, glue, rubber marks on the floor, etc. lend themselves to its effective action.

Removes unpleasant odors when cleaning surfaces.

The product can be used diluted (becomes milky white) and concentrated.

How does it work:

Cleans effectively. The main washing function is performed by two components: citron-lemon terpenes (components of the essential oil from orange peel) and vegetable surfactants (saccharoid, obtained from potatoes, corn, sugar cane, vegetable oil).

Works universally. Ethyl alcohol and herbal extracts (from valerian root, hop and chamomile flowers, balsam leaves and walnut shells) enhance the stability of AlmaWin's concentrated orange peel oil.

Safety engineering

Citron-lemon terpenes used in the product are natural components of orange peel, but at the same time they are unsafe for human health when ingested. Observe safety precautions when working with concentrated orange oil for cleaning AlmaWin. Store closed, out of reach of children. Flammable.

Ingredients: ≥30% aliphatische Kohlenwasserstoffe (natürlicheOrangenschalen-Terpene) (natural terpenes from orange peel), ≥5% <15% nicht ionische Tenside (vegetable non-ionic surfactants (sugar)), Limonene, Citralol, Linalool, Citroni limonene, citral, linalool, citronelol, geraniol, farnesol), Ethanol (ethanol), Kräuterextrakt (herbal extracts).

Additional recommendations

AlmaWin Concentrated Orange Cleansing Oil has a high dissolving power. Therefore, before starting to wash a particular surface, it is strongly recommended to test its compatibility with the product on an inconspicuous area (especially when it comes to varnished, epoxy surfaces, rubber parts). Textiles should be checked in an inconspicuous place of clothing for color fastness and compatibility of the fabric material itself, and after cleaning, this area should be washed. When using this product undiluted, preliminary testing of the material is mandatory!

Recommended dosage: Depending on the degree of soiling, 2 to 4 caps (30 - 60 ml) for 5 liters of water.

Certification: Eco Garantie (Belgium).

Manufacturer: Alma Win, Germany.

Лариса Петровна
04 December 2020
Всем у кого в доме есть живность рекомендую приобрести, чистящий крем на основе апельсинового масла, ПРОСТО СУПЕР!!!! Не секрет что наши питомцы очень любят нежится на креслах и диванах, так вот почистила мебель этим средством, все стало как новенькое, а запах просто чудо. Чистила также ковровое покрытие, очищает классно, удобно в использовании а главное что он концентрированный, хватит на долго. ОЧЕНЬ И ОЧЕНЬ рекомендую. Спасибо!