Apple pastila with blackberries and honey A-Delis, 200 g

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Ingredients: apples, honey, blackberries, egg white.

Apple pastila WITH BLACKBERRY on honey A-Delis, 200 g

Pastila is made from apples of the varieties Antonovka, Simirenko, and according to the recipe of the 18th century in a family bakery in Kramatorsk.

"Pastila is very difficult to manufacture, since it requires both hard manual labor and mechanized work. Our pastila consists of 6 - 8 layers. One layer dries from 4 to 6 hours. Then the layers are fastened together with a special spread. This is all done by hand. But the finished product cannot be cut by hand. We do this by a robot with an ultrasonic knife. Since the product is very airy, if you cut it by hand, it will flatten and stick together, lose its spectacular appearance. All several hours of work go down the drain. At home, it is unrealistic to reproduce such a recipe ...

The second point related to the equipment is a special oven. The pastille dough is dried using a special technology so that it comes out airy. Then it visually becomes like a honey cake. I had to improve the oven so that it does not bake, but dries the product.

Pastila, cut into 20 grams cubes. One such cube requires an apple, the size of which will fit into the palm of an adult woman. "Irina Bolshakova for an interview in the Novosti Kramatorsk newspaper.

Ingredients: apples, honey, blackberries, egg white.

Manufacturer: A-Delis, Kramatorsk, Donetsk region.


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