Bar BANANA Whole Organic Natur Boutique, 25 g

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Gluten free
Без цукру
Bar BANANA Whole Organic Natur Boutique, 25 g
Official sign of organic products in the European Union
Delicious and satisfying
Sun dried
Variety - baby banana
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Bar BANANA dried (dried) whole organic Natur Boutique, 25 g

Delicious and satisfying ladies' fingers banana is individually packed for your convenience.

Now this healthy natural “bar” can be easily taken with you to work, to school, or on the road.

Selected bananas are grown in Vietnam without the use of synthetic pesticides and mineral fertilizers.

Sun-dried whole bananas have a natural banana flavor and aroma.

An excellent delicacy for tea, fruit, muesli, yogurt and just like a healthy and tasty snack.

No preservatives. No artificial flavors, colors or other additives. Without GMO. Sulfur dioxide free (E220).

Ingredients: organic baby banana (ladies' fingers variety).

Nutritional value of 100 g of product: proteins - 2.37 g, fats - 0.4 g, carbohydrates - 79.9 g.

Energy value of 100 g of product: 333 kcal.

Manufacturer: pharmaceutical factory FITO PHARMA, Vietnam.

Distributor: Private Enterprise "Victoria", Ukraine, Kiev, st. Magnitogorskaya 1E, +38 044 502 60 36, +38 067 324 84 64.

Certification: Ecocert SA (France), Evrolist (meets the requirements of the European Union for the production of organic products).



19 December 2020
Дочка очень любит, называет - банановые конфеты, они были нашими первыми конфетами))).