Ceramic pot (Vietnam) No. 1 HL-307

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Made in the legendary pottery village of Bat Chang in North Vietnam
Exquisite design, high quality and exclusivity

Ceramic pot (Vietnam) No. 1 HL-307

The pot is made in the legendary pottery village of Bat Chang in the North of Vietnam. Differs in refined design, high quality and an exclusivity.

Such a pot will decorate any room, regardless of whether the interior is modern or classic. It will also look harmonious in your garden or on the terrace.

The pottery village of Bat Chang has been producing a variety of high quality pottery for over 5 centuries. Today, Bat Chang manufactures ceramic products not only for Vietnam, but also for export to many countries of the world, primarily the United States and the European Union, mainly for leading design companies. And this is not surprising, since the inhabitants of this village have diligence, vast experience in the production of ceramics (which passes from generation to generation), as well as excellent natural resources. Life in the village is dynamically moving: new orders are constantly received from foreign companies, tourists come by bus to see with their own eyes the "ceramic" beauty of these places.

Now the inhabitants of Ukraine have the opportunity to purchase ceramic pots without leaving their homeland. We have specially selected the most exquisite pots, which will certainly charm you with their modesty and grandeur.

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