Cheese "Selissky" Transcarpathian Selissky cheese dairy, weight

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Semi-hard Transcarpathian cheese using Swiss technology
From fresh village milk
Exposure: 3 months

Semi-hard Transcarpathian cheese using Swiss technology. Made from fresh village milk without the use of artificial additives.

Cheese "Selisskiy" refers to a variety of semi-hard cheeses. Its shape is a cylinder with a slightly convex lateral surface, 8-15 cm high, 9-10 cm in diameter, weighing 400-750 g.

Taste properties: The cheese has a pronounced cheese smell and taste, a dense texture. Has a sweet-spicy taste, pronounced aroma of cheese without foreign tastes and odors.

Appearance: The color of the cheese is yellow, with a shade of orange, uniform throughout the mass. The drawing on the section is correct, without gaps, cracks, small oval-shaped eyes in a small amount. The surface is smooth and clean; the crust is even, thin, without damage; grated cheese - homogeneous mass.

Ripening period: 90 days.

The idea of ​​serving: so that the cheese does not lose its inherent aroma and taste, it must be cut immediately before serving, after having taken it out of the refrigerator 2-3 hours before. Cheese from the Seliss dairy, cut into thin slices, is especially suitable for dessert, as well as tea, cocoa and coffee. Their taste is in perfect harmony with grape wines and beer. They are an excellent ingredient for meat dishes, game dishes and fish dishes. You can sprinkle with grated cheese on boiled pasta, sandwiches with butter, translate a wonderful Transcarpathian dish - tokan, use it to make casseroles and pizza. Cheese can be served with grapes, nuts, apricots, prunes.

Ingredients: cow's milk, leaven, salt.

Storage conditions: Store at a temperature no more than + (2-5) ° С - 60 days from the end of the ripening process.

Producer: Selisska cheese dairy, Transcarpathian region, Nyzhnee Selyshche village


Selisska cheese dairy is a social project launched by the residents of Nizhniy Selishche and the Longo Mai European Cooperative. The cheese factory processes milk from the rural population living near the famous Daffodil Field in the Carpathians.

The cows are fed only with natural feed. In order to make quality cheese, its quantity is limited. Each supplier's milk is monitored daily. Selissky cheese is a biologically pure product.

Transcarpathia is known throughout Ukraine for nature, mountains, clean rivers, colorful folklore and recreation centers. Since September 2002, the first cheese made in Ukraine according to the thousand-year-old production tradition of the Swiss Alps has been added to this list. Two out of six cheese makers, natives of the same village of Nizhnee Selishche, completed an internship in Switzerland.

The owner of the cheese dairy, Petr Prigara, has not spared the issue of ecology, the waste water is purified using filters and the water becomes drinkable again.

Today, visiting the Selisska cheese dairy and tasting cheese is an extremely popular item in the programs of tour operators in most regions of Ukraine.

At this time, Natur Boutique customers have the opportunity to enjoy unique cheeses without leaving Kiev. But it is worth noting that the manufacturer focuses not on quantity, but on quality. It happens that cheeses are sold locally without a trace, never having gone to Kiev. In this case, cheeses from the Seliss cheese dairy are temporarily out of stock in Natur Boutique stores.

04 December 2020
Очень вкусно! Особенно с чашечкой кофе и с приятным собеседником