Clay Yellow cosmetic, 60 g

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One of the most effective and "thin" clays
For sluggish and tired skin
Removes toxins, smoothes expression lines, relieves fatigue, gives it elasticity

Being the most common of the clays, it is by no means poor in its medicinal and cosmetological properties. It is one of the most effective and "thin" clays. Due to its unique chemical composition, cosmetologists and dermatologists prescribe it to correct many cosmetic imperfections and prevent skin diseases. Yellow clay is capable of absorbing waste products of the body and killing pathogenic bacteria. It saturates the skin with oxygen and removes harmful toxins in various inflammatory processes, including acne.
Yellow clay is best for dull and tired skin. Yellow clay baths relieve fatigue after physical exertion, improve metabolic processes in tissues and ultimately improve the condition of the skin, making it smooth and velvety.
Saturates the skin with oxygen, removes toxins, smoothes expression lines, relieves fatigue, cleanses and softens the skin, gives it firmness and elasticity.

Composition: cosmetic clay.

Manufacturer: Goldenfarm, Ukraine


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