Clone of Condensed coconut milk with fructose BiFood, 240 g

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Suitable for vegans
Tastes and textures like regular condensed milk


Condensed coconut milk with fructose BiFood, 240 g

The favorite taste of childhood is a mega-popular product, the ideal recipe for which was invented and patented by an American confectioner. In 1858, the first plant for the production of condensed milk was opened.

Nowadays, millions of people have a history of lactose intolerance, do not consume or reduce refined sugar in their diet, suffer from diabetes and allergic reactions. They are looking for an alternative to traditional products for themselves and their loved ones.

Ingredients: coconut cream, fructose, sea salt.

Energy and nutritional value per 100 g of product: 386 Kcal, proteins - 0.8 g, carbohydrates - 64.9 g, fats - 13.8.

Manufacturer: TM "Biofood"

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