Dishwasher powder organic AlmaWin, 1.25 kg

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Dishwasher powder organic AlmaWin, 1.25 kg
Belgian standard of organic cosmetics and detergents
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Vegan - sign of the Vegan Society (vegan charity).
For perfectly clean dishes without food residues and soap deposits
Natural composition

Dishwasher powder organic AlmaWin, 1.25 kg

Concentrated powder for dishwashers AlmaWin is the choice of consumers who value environmental friendliness and economy, care about the health of their families and the environment.

Application: AlmaWin Dishwasher Concentrated Powder is ideal for the new generation of dishwashers that use energy and water efficiently. Hygienic cleaning of all types of dishes is ensured by a competent combination of organic detergent ingredients. The tool easily removes dried food particles, starch and protein.

Softens water, controls the pH value. The rejection of phosphates did not impair the cleaning ability of household chemicals. The alkalinity of the solution, which is necessary for the washing process, is provided by a combination of soda, sodium bicarbonate, sodium silicate and phyllosilicates.

Prevents the appearance of sediment. The addition of sodium citrate maintains sufficient water hardness during heating and prevents deposits on the dishes. The action of the sodium salt of polyaspartic and succinic acids is directed at the same. Washes effectively. Vegetable surfactants (saccharoid), the main detergent component obtained from starch and vegetable oil, can easily cope with oily contamination. Plant sugar surfactants are readily biodegradable without harming nature. The problem of especially dirty dishes is solved by the addition of enzymes, which further increase the effectiveness of the detergent. In this case, these are proteases obtained from non-genetically modified microorganisms. Whitens.

The presence of chlorine is categorically excluded in AlmaWin products. Preference is given to the most environmentally compatible oxygen-based agents, sodium percarbonate. Oxygen is released in the detergent solution at temperatures above 50 ° C, which oxidizes the dyes and makes them rinse off.

Aromatizes. The light, subtle scent of eucalyptus is the result of the use of high quality natural essential oil.

Safety precautions: when creating a concentrated powder for AlmaWin dishwashers, only environmentally compatible raw materials are used. However, contact with detergents requires standard precautions. So, on contact with the skin and contact with the eyes, irritation may occur (due to the alkali content). In this case, rinse the affected area with plenty of water. Always read the safety instructions on the packaging carefully.

Ingredients: sodium citrate, baking soda, sodium silicate, phyllosilicates, sodium bicarbonate, vegetable surfactants (sugar), sodium percarbonate, sodium salt of polyaspartic acid, sodium salt of succinic acid, natural proteases, natural essential oil (lemon).

Certification: Eco Garantie (Belgium).

Additional recommendations: strong limescale will help to remove concentrated AlmaWin rinse aid (a few drops are enough), and coffee and tea deposits - concentrated oxygen bleaching agent AlmaWin Eco.

Recommended dosage: depending on the degree of contamination - from 1 to 1.5 tablespoons.

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