Dishwasher tablets organic AlmaWin, 25 pcs

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Dishwasher tablets organic AlmaWin, 25 pcs
Belgian standard of organic cosmetics and detergents
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Vegan - sign of the Vegan Society (vegan charity).
For perfectly clean dishes without food residues and soap deposits
Natural composition

Dishwasher tablets organic AlmaWin, 25 pcs

AlmaWin dishwasher tablets are an ecological detergent that makes the dishes perfectly clean, leaves no food residue and soap deposits. High-quality dishwasher tablets are created on the basis of natural ingredients, therefore their use helps to maintain the health of the family, as well as your household appliances.

Application: dishwashing is the task of the carefully calibrated AlmaWin formula, which is free from phosphates, chlorine and GMOs. AlmaWin dishwasher tablets are effective, high-quality and easy to use, suitable for any kind of crockery and cutlery. You can safely go about your business by placing a tablet in the dosage compartment of the dishwasher. To eliminate particularly stubborn dirt (burnt or dried food residues, oily surfaces), it is permissible to use two tablets.

Maintains pH, eliminates sediment on dishes. The combination of soda, sodium bicarbonate, sodium silicate and phyllosilicates provides the alkalinity of the solution necessary for the washing process, and also has good emollient properties (binding of calcium and magnesium ions in water). The addition of sodium citrate keeps the water hard during heating. Dissolves greasy dirt.

Biodegradation is an important feature of environmentally friendly detergents. These are plant surfactants (saccharoid) obtained from natural raw materials (potatoes, corn, sugar cane and / or sugar beets, vegetable oil). They are also the main component that helps dissolve fat on the dishes.

Prevents the formation of limescale in the water. This function is taken over by the sodium salt of polyaspartic and succinic acids (substances that are readily biodegradable). They enhance dispersion and soften water. Whitens. AlmaWin dishwasher tablets contain mild oxygen-based whitening agents. Sodium percarbonate is an additional compound of hydrogen peroxide with soda, which, under the influence of heating (over 50 ° C), decomposes again into its original components: sodium carbonate, water and active oxygen. Oxygen is released in the cleaning solution, which oxidizes the dyes and makes them rinse off. Eliminates solid dirt.

Often, after washing, dried food particles remain on the dishes and cutlery. The addition of enzymes solves this problem by increasing the effectiveness of the detergent. For such purposes, AlmaWin products use proteases - enzymes not obtained from genetically modified microorganisms. Refreshes. Natural eucalyptus essential oil gives the tablets a pleasant and at the same time moderate aroma. Throughout its life cycle, the plant receives proper care, does not have contact with chemicals, and therefore retains its useful properties as Nature intended.

Safety precautions: when creating AlmaWin tablets, only environmentally compatible raw materials are used. However, contact with detergents requires standard precautions. So, on contact with the skin and contact with the eyes, irritation may occur (due to the alkali content). In this case, rinse the affected area with plenty of water. Always read the safety instructions on the packaging carefully.

Ingredients: Sodium Citrate, Soda, Sodium Silicate, Phyllosilicates, Sodium Bicarbonate, Vegetable Surfactants (Sugar), Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Polyaspartic Acid, Sodium Succinic Acid, Natural Proteases, Natural Essential Lemon Oil Derived from Biologically Controlled Growth ...

Certification: Eco Garantie (Belgium).

Additional advice: To remove limescale, use tablets together with AlmaWin Concentrated Rinse Aid (a few drops are enough). Stubborn coffee and tea stains will disappear with the addition of AlmaWin Concentrated Oxygen Bleach.

Recommended dosage: depending on the degree of contamination - from 1 to 2 tablets.

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