Ecopanda Bamboo Toothbrush

85 UAH
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Eco-friendly bamboo base
Bristles: nylon, medium hard
Lasts longer than a regular toothbrush

Ecopanda Bamboo Toothbrush

Billions of toothbrushes end up in landfills every year. Plastic decomposes for more than two hundred years, and when burned, it releases toxic substances that poison the environment. Thus, tangible harm is caused to human health and the state of the environment, which threatens to grow into catastrophic proportions. That is why in recent years, products made from natural materials have become very relevant. A bamboo toothbrush is a practical and sustainable solution! It takes care not only of your teeth, but also of the environment, because a brush brush takes only 3 years to decompose!


  • An environmentally friendly product that does not do any harm to the environment, unlike conventional toothbrushes
  • Convenient, practical and stylish design, devoid of meaningless elements and gimmicks typical of frequently advertised toothbrushes
  • Ease of use
  • Qualitatively removes plaque from teeth
  • Soft bristles massage the gums
  • Doesn't harm teeth and gums
  • Has no contraindications
  • Thanks to bamboo fiber, it is not a source of pathogenic bacteria and microbes
  • Effective and lasts much longer than conventional brushes

Composition: base - dense bamboo, bristles - nylon.

Dimensions: length - 17 cm, head size - 2.8x0.7 cm, bristle size - 2.3x1.7x1 cm, bristle consists of 42 bunches. The handle is round.

Hardness: medium.


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1 review
14 October 2020
Купил такую щетку. Рот неделю привыкал к ее необычно большим размерам. Но потом как-то привык. Очень удобно держать в руке, приятно чистить зубы, поэтому получается делать это дольше, чем 5 секунд. Удобно чистить трудно доступные места вроде обратной стороны зубов. Кажется, у меня даже белее зубы стали.