Goat cheese "YANGOL", Doooobra farm, 300 g by weight

247 UAH
Not available
Gluten free
Без цукру
Without the harsh taste of goat milk
Dutch cheese recipe brought from France and made with love by a Ukrainian cheese maker
Exposure: 3 months
Additional Information

Cheese "YANGOL" from goat milk, Dooobra farm, weight

For lovers of goat cheeses, this cheese is simply tenderness itself, even those who do not drink goat's milk will like this cheese, as it does not have a sharp taste.

It is also very suitable for children, because it has no sharpness.

The cheese is incredible!

Dutch cheese recipe brought from France and made with love by a Ukrainian cheese maker from goat's milk.

Manufacturer: DOOOBRA FARM, Ukraine, Kiev region, Boguslavsky district, with. Excavators.

Expiration date: 2 months.

More about the manufacturer:
The manufacturer adheres to its own philosophy, where the main principle is “DO IT ALL YOURSELF, because no one can do it better than YOU”.

“We learned to make cheese in France, on the same small goat farm with a small cheese factory. We traveled a lot and saw more than 11 farms - large and small, but all with their own production. We have chosen the best of all.

This is our cheese dairy. Externally, a small building in an ecologically clean place, away from big roads and dirty factories. And all around is just a field.

However, there is a very complex technological line inside. That is why hard cheese is an exquisite dairy product. Temperature conditions and air humidity are critical during cheese ripening. It's not even worth talking about perfect cleanliness.

We make our soft cheeses to order. They are not very salty, so children especially like them. My youngest son Gordey (11 months old) eats goat cheese with both hands! Maybe that's why he is so active and can easily drive two older brothers alone.

An important advantage of our cheeses is that on average they are from 3 to 6 months old (for comparison, store-bought cheeses only mature for 20 days).

We make our cheeses by hand and only from natural milk harvested today, so we will never be able to repeat the same taste twice. Each head of cheese is unique and unrepeatable.

You yourself can come and see with your own eyes how everything happens!

FARM CHEESES handmade are the future of Ukraine. This is the future of middle class agriculture. ”



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