High-performance washing powder organic AlmaWin, 1.08 kg

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High-performance washing powder organic AlmaWin, 1.08 kg
Belgian standard of organic cosmetics and detergents
High-performance washing powder organic AlmaWin, 1.08 kg — Photo 1
Vegan - sign of the Vegan Society (vegan charity).
For 19 wash cycles
For washing white and colored linen, cares for fabrics, machine, softens water
Herbal formulation without optical brighteners, artificial flavors and phosphates.

High-performance washing powder organic AlmaWin, 1.08 kg

Description. Concentrated high-performance washing powder AlmaWin is an organic detergent for washing white and colored laundry. By creating an effective powder, manufacturers have taken care of more important things - the health of your skin and the environment.

Application. Laundry detergent of really good quality not only washes things well and preserves the structure of the fabric, but also does not harm human health. The active detergents of the concentrated high-performance washing powder AlmaWin are biodegradable as they are obtained from organic matter.

All ingredients are selected in proportions necessary for washing white and non-fading colored laundry in water of any hardness at temperatures from 30 ° to 95 ° C. Pour the required amount of AlmaWin washing powder directly into the drum of the washing machine directly on the laundry. Observe the washing recommendations on the laundry and clothing tags.

How does it work

Washes effectively, maintains water pH. The unique detergent efficiency of AlmaWin powder is due to the balanced combination of pure vegetable soaps based on natural fats and oils, mild sugar surfactants and fatty ethyl alcohol sulfates. The composition does not contain phosphates and zeolite, since foaming occurs on the basis of phyllosilicates. They provide the alkalinity necessary for the washing process, maintain a stable pH value and ensure long-term activity of percarbonate, which is used as a bleach.

Softens water. Concentrated high-performance washing powder AlmaWin has excellent water softening properties, largely due to the sodium salts of polyaspartic acid. In low temperature ranges, citric acid, obtained by fermentation of sugar products (for example, molasses), helps to soften water.

Washes at low temperatures. The use of enzymes allows washing at low temperatures. AlmaWin powder uses only natural proteases (not GMOs!) - enzymes that decompose in the washing solution already at 40 ° C. Proteases are encapsulated, so they do not harm your skin and health.

Whitens. This function is performed by a mild oxygenated bleach based on sodium percarbonate. To make the whitening effect available even at low temperatures, a whitening activator is also present in the composition.

Takes care of the laundry. Pure rice starch makes the washed laundry soft and pleasant to the touch. And the delicate scent of lavender is guaranteed by the addition of natural essential oil.

Safety precautions. All AlmaWin products are hypoallergenic, which is confirmed by systematic independent tests. However, as a precaution, people with an allergic reaction are advised to use a double rinse cycle.

Ingredients. Vegetable surfactants (sugar), ethyl alcohol coconut fatty sulfates, vegetable soaps, phyllosilicates, soda, sodium bicarbonate, sodium percarbonate, polyaspartic acid, rice starch, citric acid, natural proteases, no gene technology, essential lemon oil.

Certification: Eco Garantie (Belgium).

Additional recommendations. Stubborn stains can be removed with concentrated oxygen bleach AlmaWin. AlmaWin bile soap is also perfect for these purposes.

Recommended dosage

  • A 1.08 kg package is enough for 19 wash cycles.
  • A 2 kg package is enough for 36 wash cycles.
  • A 5 kg bag is enough for 90 wash cycles.
Recommended dosageSlightly soiled laundryNormally soiled laundryHeavily soiled laundryEconomical wash
1 (soft water)40 ml60 ml100 ml101kg dry laundry
2 (medium water)50 ml70 ml120 ml87 kg dry laundry
3 (hard water)60 ml120 ml180 ml81 kg dry laundry


19 July 2021
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