Honey Herbs organic Galeks Agro, 700 ml

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Gluten free
Honey from organic fields
No sugar feeding and no heating
Zhytomyr region

Honey BUNCH-FACELIUM organic Galeks Agro, 700 ml

What is organic honey (according to organic standards):

  • When producing organic honey, only wild plants and fields with organic crops should be within a radius of 3 km from the apiary.
  • The hives are made of natural materials and painted with lead-free paint.
  • When pumping honey, chemical repellents and brood combs are not used.

Honey is not heated above 35C, and impurities are removed mechanically - with a filter.
For the winter, bees are fed only organic honey (or organic cane sugar, but in practice, for economic reasons, Ukrainian organic beekeepers use honey).
They take care of the health of bees. And if the bees are sick, then antibiotics are not used (although by standards it is allowed in the extreme case, but in this case, honey is pumped). They are treated with folk remedies: a barren period with the replacement of the queen bee, wormwood, paprika or needles.
Thus, eating organic honey is not only beneficial for health, but also caring for the environment.

Origin:Zhytomyr region, organic farm "Galeks Agro".

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