Kombucha No. 3 Hibiscus (Kombucha drink) Molecule, 500 ml

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Kombucha No. 3 Hibiscus (Kombucha drink) Molecule, 500 ml

The drink infused with Sudanese rose flowers has its own characteristic hibiscus flavor and aroma.

Ingredients: drinking water, sugar, hibiscus extract, fermented with kombucha.

Nutritional value per 100 ml: 30 kcal.

What is Kombucha?
Kombucha is a fermented, probiotic drink. It is made from an extract (decoction) of tea and some medicinal herbs and fruits with the addition of sugar and a living culture of microorganisms Meduzomitses (kombucha), which creates the process of decomposition of organic substances under the action of enzymes. The drink is infused for a period of +/- 10 days, and every day it is saturated with life-giving power, filling it with useful vitamins, enzymes and acids. It has a pleasant sweet and sour taste, in a general sense, and various flavors and aromas, depending on the composition of the infusion.
In the process of infusion, kombucha, which acts as a fermenter, saturates the drink with about ten enzymes, for example, such important ones as: lipase, protease, amylase, which are responsible for the breakdown of fats, proteins and starch. The drink is saturated with vitamins of group B, PP, C; organic acids: acetic, citric, malic, glucuronic; the drink also contains jellyfish - an antibiotic of natural origin and many other useful components. In terms of its main influence and effect on the human body, kombucha is closest to dairy products: kefir, sourdough, but does not contain lactose, which for many is problematic for digestion. And as we all know, these foods tune the gastrointestinal tract.
There is a lot more to describe the important chemical composition of this drink (all information about the benefits of Kombucha and various scientific studies are on the Internet), but drawing a general conclusion, we understand why Kombucha is called the elixir of youth and longevity. Because by adjusting the correct functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, our body begins to work to the fullest extent of its resources, which affects our general condition. Here are some of the wellness processes that kombucha includes:

  • normalizes digestion processes, blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels
  • enhances metabolism and creates protection (immunity) from harmful microorganisms;
  • eliminates constipation, insomnia, headache, hangover syndrome (removes toxins);
  • promotes weight loss and high-quality condition of the skin, hair and nails;
  • adds energy and inhibits daytime sleepiness;
  • increases libido (male and female libido), vitality and inhibits the aging process in a general sense.

Why take Kombucha TM Molecule?
We do not use pasteurization and various modern inventions of "castration" of a live product for the sake of increasing production volumes. We do not add stabilizers and preservatives, as well as dyes and flavors. All drinks produced by the method of classical technology, natural fermentation, preserving the entire cycle of maturation of the drink, carefully collected and lovingly bottled to deliver them to Natur Boutique stores, and later for your consumption and enjoyment from Kombucha. Start taking one bottle a day and be healthy.

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