Liquid detergent for washing black and dark clothes AlmaWin, 750 ml

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Liquid detergent for washing black and dark clothes AlmaWin, 750 ml
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Concentrate for black and dark laundry
Protects clothes from fading, protects the washing machine
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Liquid detergent for washing black and dark clothes AlmaWin, 750 ml

Concentrated liquid detergent for black and dark laundry AlmaWin is a balanced combination of natural ingredients based on soap nuts. Designed for hand and machine washing of any dark and black linen. Suitable for washing baby and sensitive skin. Natural ingredients based on soap nuts do not damage the fabric, easily deal with stains, remove impurities and are gentle to the skin without causing contact allergies and irritations.


Perfectly washes laundry even at 20 degrees. Protects fabric fibers from damage during washing, thanks to a special combination of ingredients. Protects clothes from rapid fading, preserves the color of laundry and washing machine parts from limescale. Suitable for both hand and machine wash. The excellent dermatological and detergent properties of the concentrated liquid detergent for washing AlmaWin are due to the competent selection and high quality of its components. Soft vegetable surfactants (saccharoid) are obtained exclusively from organic matter - potatoes, corn, sugar cane, beets. The product does not contain enzymes or concentrates, and all ingredients are biodegradable.

Shake the bottle before use, then pour the required amount of product into the drum of the washing machine or into a special compartment. Observe the washing recommendations on the laundry and clothing tags.

How does it work

Softens water, provides the correct pH value. Sodium salts of succinic acid allow using the concentrated liquid detergent AlmaWin Cleanut Eco in water of any hardness. This is also facilitated by the addition of citric acid obtained by fermentation of by-products of sugar production (for example, molasses). In addition, sodium salts prevent the re-deposition of dirt particles in the fibers of the fabric.

Protects the skin of the hands. By dissolving grease and stains on your laundry during washing, the detergent also dissolves the oils in your skin. Therefore, wheat proteins are used in the AlmaWin formula. Their task is to restore the natural grease of the skin by hand washing.

Washes effectively. The washing ability of the concentrated liquid AlmaWin product is increased by the addition of ethyl alcohol. This is due to the stabilization of the composition of the agent itself.

Makes laundry soft. The exceptional softness of the washed laundry is due to the soap nut extract. Polysaccharide additives distribute the extract throughout the solution, which ensures a uniform effect of natural substances on the tissue. Soft laundry is pleasant to the touch and much easier to iron.

Aromatizes. The combination of eucalyptus and verbena oil creates a subtle scent that is subtly attached to the fabric during washing. The aroma is delicate and pleasant, because only high-quality, natural essential oils are used in the production of AlmaWin.

Safety engineering

All AlmaWin products are hypoallergenic, which is confirmed by systematic independent tests. However, as a precaution, people with an allergic reaction are advised to use a double rinse cycle.


Less than 5% surfactants, anionic surfactants (soap nut extract, herbal fatty alcohol sulfates), soap (based on vegetable oils), aromatic substances (essential oils of verbena and eucalyptus), limonene, citral, geraniol, linalool, citronellol. Additional ingredients: water, sodium citric acid, xanthan gum, citric acid, wheat proteins. *

* From organic farming. For a glossary of terms, see additional information.

Additional recommendations

Stubborn stains will fade faster with AlmaWin Eco Concentrated Oxygen Bleach or AlmaWin Bile Soap.

Oxygen bleach AlmaWin Eco can be added when washing white laundry, such as linen.

Recommended dosage

Dosage: 1-2.5 caps of the product. For hand wash, dilute 10 ml of the product in 5 liters of water.

The 750 ml bottle is designed for 25 machine wash cycles.

Manufacturer: Alma Win, Germany.


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