Liquid detergent for washing wool and silk Alma Win, 750 ml

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Liquid detergent for washing wool and silk Alma Win, 750 ml
Belgian standard of organic cosmetics and detergents
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For delicate washing of natural fabrics - silk, wool, reusable baby diapers
Consumption: 50 machine washes or 75 hand wash
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Liquid detergent for washing wool and silk Alma Win, 750 ml

Concentrated liquid detergent for wool and silk AlmaWin is intended for delicate washing of natural fabrics, providing effective gentle cleaning, softness of the fabric after washing, pleasant aroma and fiber care. The product has received high marks from dermatological tests and certificates from the Belgian institute Certisys.


Thanks to the use of natural fats and oils, the concentrated liquid detergent for wool and silk AlmaWin has impeccable detergency and at the same time gently handles items made from delicate silk and woolen fabrics.

Ideal for washing reusable baby diapers.

The guiding principles of all Almawin products are the best ecological components of the products, safe for human health and excellent cleaning properties. All substances used for the manufacture of products are only of natural origin. Suitable for washing at temperatures between 30 ° C - 40 ° C.

How does it work

A balanced combination of delicate vegetable surfactants (saccharoid, obtained from raw potatoes, corn, sugarcane, sugar beets and vegetable oil) with fatty alcohol sulfates (from vegetable oil) give an excellent result of effective washing of delicate fabrics with excellent dermatological and detergent properties ...

At the same time, the dirt-repelling properties are so great that they allow the fabrics not to absorb dirt into their fibers, thereby protecting the fabric from heavy dirt. In addition, contact with detergent during hand washing usually affects the skin of the hands. Concentrated liquid detergent for washing wool and silk AlmaWin is gentle on the skin of the hands, due to the high content of wheat protein and acid monoglycerides (from corn starch, coconut, palm and sunflower oil), fatty acids and glycerides, which help to moisturize the skin of the hands.

The addition of pure rice starch creates a pleasant sensation in body contact with washed items. And the delicate scent of lavender is presented by its natural essential oil.

Safety engineering

All AlmaWin products are hypoallergenic, which is confirmed by systematic independent tests. However, as a precaution, people with an allergic reaction are advised to use a double rinse cycle.


Sugar, sodium sulfate, ethanol, lactic acid, sodium chloride, monoglyceride fatty acids, benzyl alcohol, wheat proteins, lavender essential oils (certified), water. Glossary of terms for more information.

Additional recommendations

Stubborn stains will fade faster with AlmaWin Eco Concentrated Oxygen Bleach or AlmaWin Bile Soap.

Oxygen bleach AlmaWin Eco can be added when washing white laundry, such as linen.

Recommended dosage

Hand wash: 10 ml per 5 l of water for quick wash, 15 ml per 5 l of water for soaking.

Machine wash: 15 ml (1/2 measuring cup) is suitable for washing 1.5 - 2 kg wool or silk at temperatures between 30 ° C.

Product consumption: 750 ml - 50 machine washes (75 hand wash).

Manufacturer: Alma Win, Germany.

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