Maison Blanche Organic RASPBERRY Jam, 150 g

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Maison Blanche Organic RASPBERRY Jam, 150 g

Homemade raspberry jam is memories of a warm summer, as well as benefits and joy.

Raspberry jam is a relentless helper in the fight against colds and flu due to its diaphoretic properties and properties to reduce heat. But not everyone knows about its properties against cancer cells, thanks to ellagic acid, of which there is a lot in this jam.

Eating raspberry jam after a heavy intake of fatty or smoked foods will reduce their negative effect on the body. This jam will also help people with sciatica and joint diseases, diseases of the stomach, intestines, kidneys, blood, or people suffering from high blood pressure. Raspberries are also good for expectant mothers, because they contain a lot of folic acid.

No preservatives, colors or flavors. 100% natural.

Ingredients: organic yellow raspberries (cloudberries) or red (farmer Alexey Tregubov, Kiev region), sugar. * berries are certified by Organic Standard.

Without GMO.

Producer: Organic Cafe Maison Blanche for Natur Boutique.

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