Means for cleaning hard surfaces organic AlmaWin, 500 ml

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Means for cleaning hard surfaces organic AlmaWin, 500 ml
Belgian standard of organic cosmetics and detergents
Means for cleaning hard surfaces organic AlmaWin, 500 ml — Photo 1
Vegan - sign of the Vegan Society (vegan charity).
Concentrate, consumption - 50 times.
For cleaning floors, tiles, varnished surfaces
Hypoallergenic herbal formula, with lemon, mint and eucalyptus oils

Means for cleaning hard surfaces organic AlmaWin, 500 ml

AlmaWin Concentrated Hard Surface Detergent is a masterful combination of raw materials for effective and safe cleaning. Detergents are quite aggressive towards dirt and grease, but at the same time they are gentle on the skin and do not harm nature.

Application: The organic origin of the components and their combination in optimal proportions guarantee easy cleaning of any hard surfaces. AlmaWin detergent is used for cleaning tiles, floors, varnished surfaces, etc.

The products are dermatologically tested, do not irritate the skin of the hands and are safe for people prone to allergies. To prepare the cleaning solution, the concentrated AlmaWin must be diluted in a bucket of water (see the recommended dosage below).

How it works: Cleans effectively. The active detergents are vegetable surfactants (saccharoid, obtained from starch and vegetable oil) and fatty sulfates of ethyl alcohol (also from vegetable oil). Together, they do a massive job, removing any kind of dirt and leaving behind only a shine and a scent of freshness. The raw materials used are readily biodegradable and thus harmless. Natural substances such as ethyl alcohol, lactic acid and soda improve the cleaning effect.

Spares the skin. The natural grease of your hands can be restored with wheat proteins, which have been added to AlmaWin Concentrated Household Detergent to take care of you.

Distributed evenly. The correct consistency of the product is provided by sodium chloride, in everyday life it is better known as table salt.

Aromatizes. AlmaWin Concentrated Household Detergent contains no artificial fragrance. Its fresh scent is created with high quality natural essential oils (lemon, mint and eucalyptus).

Ingredients: Vegetable surfactants (sugar), ethyl alcohol coconut fatty sulfates, ethyl alcohol, lactic acid, sodium chloride, soda, benzyl alcohol, wheat proteins, essential oils (lemon, mint and eucalyptus), water.

Certification: Eco Garantie (Belgium).

Recommended dosage: 1 tablespoon (10 ml) in 5 liters of water.


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