MUSTARD Oil Natur Boutique, 250 ml

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Damp pressed
Antiseptic and bactericidal properties serve as the prevention of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and colds

MUSTARD Oil Natur Boutique, 250 ml

Unrefined and non-deodorized 100% mustard oil, produced by the method of the first cold pressing without admixture of other oils.

Used for preparing cold dishes, salads, vinaigrettes, boiled potatoes, mixed with mayonnaise.

Useful action: Antiseptic and bactericidal properties serve as the prevention of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and colds.

They knew how tasty and healthy mustard is several centuries ago. It was used both in cooking and medicine. The healers of Ancient Greece and Rome believed that mustard oil cured leprosy, and that its warming properties helped with colds. It is believed that the homeland of mustard is China. This weed plant was accidentally brought to Europe from Asia along with imported millet and flax.

Mustard oil gained particular popularity at the court of Catherine II. The Empress considered this seasoning a gourmet delicacy and ordered it directly from England. Today, mustard and its oil are popular in all countries of the world, not only because of their excellent taste, but also because of their amazing medicinal properties.

For gout or arthritis, it is useful to massage with a special mixture of mustard oil and organic camphor. To prepare the ointment, mix a quarter cup of mustard oil with 500 mg of organic camphor, mix thoroughly and heat over low heat until the camphor is completely dissolved.

To relieve puffiness, it is recommended to apply a mixture of two tablespoons of mustard oil, 3 cloves of garlic and half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to the affected area. Mix all the ingredients, put on fire and simmer until the fenugreek seeds turn black.

To relieve seizures of various origins, it is necessary to rub the site of the seizure localization with mustard oil.

When treating the spleen, it is recommended to massage the abdomen in the stomach area using mustard oil.

For the treatment of colds and runny nose, it is necessary to periodically instill a few drops of warm mustard oil into the nose, and also rub the chest and feet with this vegetable oil.

Rubbing the back with a mixture of mustard oil and salt until redness will help alleviate the condition with a wet cough.

A mixture of mustard oil and turmeric will relieve irritation and moisturize dry skin. By adding a few drops of camphor alcohol to this mixture, you get a mixture that pleasantly cools the skin and reduces itching.

Massaging the scalp with mustard oil will stop hair loss and enhance hair growth. In addition, this massage will help prevent the early appearance of gray hair.

To get rid of dandruff and improve the condition of your hair, prepare a mustard mask with nettle. To do this, pour 50 g of dried nettle root with 100 g of mustard oil, mix and put in a water bath for half an hour. Insist the resulting mixture for two weeks in a cool, dark place, then filter it through cheesecloth or a strainer and rub into the hair roots 2-3 times a week.

Contraindications: Individual intolerance to certain components of mustard oil. People with cardiovascular diseases should consult a cardiologist before using the oil. Contraindications to the use of mustard oil are gastritis with high acidity, enterocolitis, stomach and duodenal ulcers. The use of mustard oil is undesirable in case of increased skin sensitivity - allergic reactions are possible.

Ingredients: mustard oil 100%.

Energy value: 898 kcal.

Producer: LLC "Richoil", Ukraine, Kherson region by order of Natur Boutique.

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