Natur Boutique Walnut Oil, 250 ml

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Restores strength after illnesses
Improves brain function, lowers cholesterol levels

Natur Boutique Walnut Oil, 250 ml

Unrefined and non-deodorized 100% walnut, produced by the method of the first cold pressing without admixture of other oils.

They are used for dressing salads with fresh vegetables, for making sauces for hot dishes, making desserts and many other dishes.

Useful effect: Supports the protective functions of the body, restores strength after illnesses, improves brain function, lowers cholesterol, has anti-inflammatory, regenerative effects.

The healing and tonic properties of walnuts and walnut oil have been known since ancient times. In Persia, the walnut was compared with the brain, and the oil from it - with the mind, in Ancient Greece the walnut tree was a symbol of life, and the oil from nuts, "royal acorns", was forbidden to commoners to use on pain of death. The same tradition was in ancient Babylon, where the priests allowed only very rich people to eat walnut oil.

Nevertheless, in the writings of ancient healers - both Avicenna and Hippocrates - the healing properties of this product and its widespread use in various diseases are described. Even in those days, walnut oil cured tuberculosis and ulcers, wounds and burns.

However, walnut oil is used not only in medicine. Due to its refined and mild taste, it is an integral component of Greek, French and Caucasian cuisines.

For preventive purposes, walnut oil should be used: for adults - 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day half an hour before meals, do not drink; children 1-3 years old - 3-5 drops a day; children 3-6 years old - 5-10 drops per day; children 6-10 years old - 1 coffee spoon a day; children 10-14 years old - 1 teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

15 g of walnut oil, drunk at night, will cleanse the liver, remove bile, restore the gastric mucosa, and prevent thyroid diseases. Rubbing walnut oil into your stomach until it is completely absorbed in the morning on an empty stomach, you get rid of intestinal colitis.

By mixing 500 g of honey, 500 g of butter with a few tablespoons of walnut oil and taking 1-2 tablespoons of this mixture every day on an empty stomach, you will get rid of stomach ulcers.

In case of eye inflammation, conjunctivitis, it is recommended to lubricate the eyelids with walnut oil and instill 1-2 drops of oil in the eyes three times a day.

In cosmetology, walnut oil is used both in pure form and with other natural oils. In its pure form, the oil perfectly replaces the night cream for aging skin. Also, as a night cream, you can use a mixture of equal parts of almond, peach, apricot oils with walnut oil.

For skin prone to inflammation, the following mask will help. Mix equal parts walnut oil, Siberian cedar oil and sea buckthorn oil. Lubricate your face with the resulting mixture every evening, removing excess with a napkin.

If you are prone to swelling and varicose veins, then you need a massage with the following mixture. Add 2-3 drops of cypress oil and cedar or rosemary oil to 1 tablespoon of walnut oil. Massage problem areas with the resulting mixture. For the prevention of varicose veins, the mixture can be used twice a day, gently massaging the legs with patting movements upward from the affected area.

To strengthen hair, in addition to taking the oil inside, masks with walnut oil are also recommended.

Due to its excellent taste and beneficial properties, walnut oil is especially appreciated in cooking. It is most popular as a salad dressing. You get a delicious and dietary snack if you mix boiled chicken meat, grapes, lettuce, walnuts and season the salad with walnut oil.

Contraindications: Walnut oil is hypoallergenic. However, you should consult your doctor about taking it during pregnancy. In addition, you should not take walnut oil with exacerbations of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, erosive gastritis and with reduced acidity of gastric juice.

Ingredients: walnut oil 100%.

Energy value: 898 kcal.

Producer: LLC "Richoil", Ukraine, Kherson region by order of Natur Boutique.

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