Nicolaus Roemer "Organic Fertilizers"

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About humus in the soil, compost, silica and homeopathic silica, organic fertilizers and more.

Nicolaus Roemer "Organic Fertilizers"

ARS Publishing Company, Lviv 2017
ISBN 978-966-2739-37-4
Circulation: 200
Pages: 160

In this book, N. Roemer explores such fundamental issues as humus in the soil, silica and homeopathic silica, organic fertilizers as a means of increasing the potential fertility of the soil, methods of making auxiliary compost preparations and more.

In his work, the author acquaints with the accumulated experience in processing compost and fertilizers in accordance with the recommendations presented in Kobervitka in 1924. According to Roemer, caring for organic fertilizers and compost serves to improve the health and fertility of the soil. The health and strength of a closed peasant farm with its animals and plants is the best indicator of the quality of the products it produces!

The book is recommended for gardeners and gardeners, gardeners and farmers, agronomists, students and scientists, heads of agricultural enterprises and other institutions, as well as all those who are trying to get to know the world better, feel in harmony with nature and grow safe, healthy and nutritious products. and their relatives and friends!

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