Organic eggs "Danube agrarian", 10 pcs

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Organic eggs "Danube agrarian", 10 pcs
Official sign of organic products in the European Union
Organic eggs "Danube agrarian", 10 pcs — Photo 1
Organic Standard is an Ukrainian certification body
From free-range chickens
Organic feed

Organic eggs "Danube agrarian", 10 pcs

Eggs from free-range hens, which ate organic feed without growth stimulants, hormones, antibiotics.

Why Organic Eggs?

In industrial factories, chickens live their whole life in a cramped cage (13 chickens per 1 square meter), often with a mesh floor and feed on compound feed with dyes. There are also completely different conditions.

Organic chickens should have free access to the walking area at the rate of 4 square meters. meters per chicken (to be able to peck insects and fresh herbs).

Inside the hen house the norm is no more than 6 chickens per 1 sq. M.

Forage is only of organic origin, that is, obtained in the process of organic farming, excluding mineral fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. Moreover, GMOs and artificial additives (dyes, preservatives, stimulants, etc.) are prohibited.

To keep the chickens healthy, a number of preventive measures are taken - a disease-resistant breed (otherwise, if you release chickens accustomed to outdoor keeping, they will all get sick). There must be good conditions and food, antibiotics are prohibited.

Certification: Organic Standard, Eurolist (meets the requirements of the European Union).

Producer: LLC "Danube Agrarian", Odessa region, village Safiany.

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