Organic oxygen bleach AlmaWin, 400 g

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Organic oxygen bleach AlmaWin, 400 g
Belgian standard of organic cosmetics and detergents
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Vegan - sign of the Vegan Society (vegan charity).
Concentrate, works at temperatures above 30 ° C
For bleaching linen, linen, curtains.
Safe for nature and humans

Organic oxygen bleach AlmaWin, 400 g

Concentrated oxygen bleach AlmaWin is an organic product for effective bleaching of linen products, linen, curtains. The main active ingredient is active oxygen, which can freshen up the color and deal with any kind of dirt.


Oxygen bleaching is an ecological process in its essence, as it is based on the natural decomposition of sodium percarbonate (oxygen-based bleach) into sodium carbonate, water and active oxygen. This reaction occurs as a result of heating the water. Concentrated oxygen bleach AlmaWin effectively operates at temperatures above 30 ° C, removing organic impurities and refreshing the color of the entire product.

Comparative table of economic use






69 uah

Other organic




53 uah




65 uah

Regular bleach

(mass market)


35 uah


500 ml = 50 washes


500 ml= 14 washes


500 ml = 13 washes


500 ml = 8 washes



1 washes=3,45 uah




1 washes=3,78 uah




1 washes=5uah




1 washes=4,3 uah.






10% more expensive



44% more expensive



More expensive 25%



How does it work

Dissolves impurities. Traces of herbs, fruits, coffee, tea disappear under the influence of oxygen released as a result of the decomposition of sodium percarbonate. The effect of dissolving mud is enhanced by plant surfactants (saccharoid), natural detergents obtained from potatoes, corn, sugar cane, sugar beets, and vegetable oil.

Works at any temperature. To make the whitening effect available even at low temperatures, the whitening activator TAED has been added to the AlmaWin formula.

Strengthens the effect of purity. Soda, the oldest bleach in history, and natron support the cleaning effect.

Retains the structure of tissue fibers. Neutral salts (sodium sulfate) make your laundry dry and not lumpy.

Retains color. Sodium citrates bind the hardness of the water, enhance the action of the cleaning ingredients and ensure that the flowers remain fresh.

Safety engineering

When using concentrated oxygen bleach AlmaWin, avoid contact with the skin, do not allow contact with mucous membranes. This product contains baking soda and may cause irritation.


Oxygen based bleach, soda, natron, sodium citrate, sodium sulfate, vegetable surfactants (saccharoid), coconut fatty ethyl alcohol sulfates, bleach activator (Glossary of Terms).

Additional recommendations

Concentrated oxygen bleach can be used with AlmaWin liquid and free-flowing laundry detergents.

Packing size

A 400 g package is designed for 16 wash cycles.

A 2.5 kg bucket is designed for 100 wash cycles.

Manufacturer: Alma Win, Germany.

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