Spelled grain organic Ahimsa, 1kg

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Suitable for germination, flour preparation and kuti

Spelled grain organic Ahimsa, 1kg

Ahimsa fields are located in the protected area of ​​the Dnipropetrovsk region, with. Chernechenna.

Within a radius of 100 km there are no factories and factories, nearby is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe - Orel, and the soil is the best in Ukraine and Europe.

Spelled (also known as "Spelled") is an ancient relative of wheat.

Compared to wheat, it has a slightly nutty flavor, contains less gluten, and more fiber and nutrients.

The record holder for the content of protein, amino acids, fiber and vitamin composition among all types of cereals.

How to use?

Germinate, grind into flour or cook kutya.

Type of cereal: Kernels (whole grains).

Ingredients: organic spelled.

Manufacturer: Ahimsa

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