SPELT bread from organic flour, with sourdough Maison Blanche, 300 g

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SPELT Bread from organic flour, sourdough Maison Blanche, 300 g

Spelled is an ancient grain crop, a relative of wheat. Compared to wheat, spelled is significantly richer in fiber, B vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and protein, and also has a more pronounced taste.

Maison Blanche yeast-free bread is a healthy alternative to regular bread.

All thanks to whole grain organic flour and the right additives like flax seeds, amaranth, walnuts.

The bread is baked with sourdough, and each loaf is kneaded by hand.

No yeast, additives, preservatives or freezing of the workpieces.

Ingredients: organic spelled flour *, organic whole grain rye flour *, sourdough (organic whole grain wheat flour *, organic rye flour *, premium organic wheat flour *, water, sugar), water, corn oil, sea salt, additives ( walnut / sesame / flax / amaranth). * certified by Organic Standard. Without GMO.

Storage conditions: store at room temperature or in the refrigerator for no more than 7 days.

Producer: Organic Cafe Maison Blanche for Natur Boutique.

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