Strawberry corn sticks organic 70 g Ekorod

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Strawberry corn sticks organic 70 g Ekorod
Official sign of organic products in the European Union
Organic ingredients
With sublimated strawberries

Strawberry corn sticks organic 70 g Ekorod

The original combination of corn with juicy berries makes their taste bright and rich. The richness of the summer season and the generosity of vitamins are felt in the natural soft sourness of strawberries.

These are the first and only organic sticks made in Ukraine and tested by European organizations.
To preserve all the useful properties of the ingredients, only economical technologies are used in the production process without the use of flavors, artificial colors, preservatives and any other additives.

Ingredients: organic sublimated strawberries, organic corn grits, organic sunflower oil, organic powdered sugar (made from organic sugar).

Manufacturer: Ekorod, Ukraine.

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