Sweetener Xylitol (Birch sugar) Total Sweet, 225 g

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Без цукру
Gluten free
Finnish birch
Used exactly like sugar
Low GI and good for teeth

Sweetener Xylitol (Birch sugar) Total Sweet, 225 g

  • 100% natural sweetener number 1 in the world Total Sweet is made from sustainable birch wood from Finland (not to be confused with lower quality xylitol from genetically modified corn from China).
  • Unlike artificial sweeteners, it has a positive effect on health and good taste.
  • Xylitol can be found in fruits, vegetables and even in our body.
  • Low glycemic index. No aspartame.
  • Suitable for dieters and diabetics.
  • Supports dental health.
  • Obtained from Finnish birch wood (ecological plantings).
  • It is used and looks exactly like sugar.

Ingredients: xylitol. Without GMO.

Nutritional value of 100 g of product: proteins - 0 g; fats -0 g; carbohydrates - 100 g.

Energy value of 100 g of product: 240 kcal.

Manufacturer: Healthy by Nature, UK.

Distributor: Private Enterprise "Victoria", Ukraine, Kiev, st. Magnitogorskaya 1E, +38 044 502 60 33, +38 067 324 84 64.


Ksylit Total Sweet - the 1st of the light is "a total alternative to tsukru":

  • A solution for childish food, which allows you to drink malt, drink to drink
  • Natural alternative to zucru
  • Suitable for diabetic food
  • Alternative, actively spraying зуб healthy teeth
  • I will proponency for health, not fear and risik
  • Vikoristovutsya absolutely like that yak tsukor, including with vipіchtsі
  • there are not many savory impressions from the zychayny zukru
  • A good product for the midst of life and for your body

Dieticheskaja kharchuvannya
Total Sweet є a "quickening" alternative to zukru: xylit to revenge calories, ale ci calories to health

Total Sweet has 40% fewer calories, less sugar and 75% less available carbohydrates, and Total Sweet is more commonly used and low glucose index of all 7, which means more triviality in terms of volume, less taste.

It was confirmed before xylit additional help to get thinner:

Previously, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition1, it was shown that, having lived 25 g of xylitol, in some cases, glucose, fructose, zucrome, it was on 230 calories.

Stifling the appetite was also given to Leeds University and published in the British Journal of Nutrition: pidsolodzhuvali zukrom yogurt.

Naturally Rishennya

Xylit (Greek 'Xyl', which means a tree) was the first to be found in the birch village of the Other Holy Vine. Ksylit, otrimany from birch, vvazhatsya nayakisnishim

Ksylit grows in pink roses, and is also produced by our body

Ksylit, which vikoristovutsya in Total Sweet, visions from sustainable (sustainable) dzherel of the European birch tree

with Vidminny gusto

Total Sweet viglyadaє, yak tsukor, for relish and a step of malt, the same yak tsukor, and maybe vikoristaniy just like that, yak tsukor

Solution for Diabetic Kharchuvannya

In Ukraine, 1.2 million people are suffering from diabetes (for official data), most of them may have another type of diabetes. The number of people who are suffering from diabetes is rapidly growing.

In case of diabetes mellitus, it is recommended to speed up the recovery of zukru. There are a lot of sickness for diabetics of a different type, not tied with nasty food and overworldly waggle (often through the back of a malt or fatty alcohol). Total Sweet will provide an alternative to tsukru, it will provide a minimal infusion of glucose into the blood, so that it is ideal for diabetics, and we also allow other diabetics to treat other types of diabetic food with juvenile foods that eat juicy foods.

Diabetics are often prone to healthy teeth, to rob Total Sweet more often than not.

Total Sweet Recommended by Nutritionists, Medical and Pediatric Experts

"Ksylit is a wonderful alternative to zukru, because low carbohydrates with a low glucose index" CMA, BANT) є one of the found and knowledges of food from the UK. Winner is the director of a highly recognized Nutrition Clinic in London (Nutrition Clinic in Harley Street, London) and he has been conducting intensive courses and a master class Advanced Nutrition in the best Nutrition Clinics in the United Kingdom for ten years. Also, I’ve written a few highly rated books, such as the Food Intolerance Bible.

Actively improve the health of teeth

Total Sweet helps the teeth not to those who live less quickly in the implantation of zukru, but to those who actively develop xylite for dental problems

A few ten years has shown that xylit is a major source of food in the mouth, and that it rapidly reduces the number of Streptoccocus bacteria, which may be the main cause of the disease. The number of meals was up to a few hundred

Glibs of the last few years have shown that xylit is powerful enough to reduce the appearance of dental naphtha

Today you can show how xylit can remineralize your teeth

Xylit is recommended by dentists for the sake of us

"It is a fact that Ksylit is brown for the health of an empty company; it’s a fact that the disease is clear, there is an unpleasant odor for a company (galitosis), so it’s because of the teeth that it’s not carnivorous. cariogenic), and a single licorice product without cariogenic potential. "Prof. Chitta Ranjan Choudhury, BDS, DND, PhD (Japan), FFD, RCS (Ire), FRSH, Program Coordinator and Director of the International Center for Tropical Oral Health IHCS, Bournemouth University & Poole Hospital NHS Department of Maxillofacial Surgery

Іnshi korisnі power

Ksylit can vikoristovuvatisya for a change

external infections

Osteoporosis: it has been shown beforehand that xylit can help reduce cysts - it can be transmitted, and xylit can be reduced in calcium
Simple at vikoristanna

Total Sweet can be vikoristany as it is, yak tsukor (krim hliba, so yak vin is not maє drijzhi)
You can substitute zukor in the same proportions in any recipes

Become a top chef

You can vikoristovuvatisya in hot drinks, poopat on top of the fruit, or muesli like that, yak tsukor

Great for the planet

Total Sweet of carrying out with an ecological birch tree in Finland (do not cheat with xylitol of a higher low quality with corn in China)

On the spot of one virgin tree, plant two

The packaging is suitable for secondary recycling

Through 'Trees For The Future' 50,000 trees have been planted in the lands of the third world

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