Washing powder for all types of fabrics COLOR Almawin, 1 kg

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Washing powder for all types of fabrics COLOR Almawin, 1 kg
French certification body (food, cosmetics, textiles, etc.)
Washing powder for all types of fabrics COLOR Almawin, 1 kg — Photo 1
Belgian standard of organic cosmetics and detergents
Washing powder for all types of fabrics COLOR Almawin, 1 kg — Photo 2
Vegan - sign of the Vegan Society (vegan charity).
Economical consumption: 32 washes
Takes care of fabric, machine, softens water
Herbal formulation without optical brighteners, artificial flavors and phosphates.

Washing powder for all types of fabrics COLOR Almawin, 1 kg

Organic detergent for all types of fabrics AlmaWin is an organic detergent for effective and gentle washing of your clothes. The combination of quality ingredients of plant origin guarantees an exceptional washing result and absolute environmental friendliness.


Thanks to the use of natural fats and oils, the phosphate-free household chemicals AlmaWin have impeccable detergent characteristics and at the same time gently handle things.
The product is designed for all levels of water hardness and washable up to 60 ° C. Pour organic powder directly into the washing machine drum, directly on the laundry or in the dosing compartment. Observe the washing recommendations on the laundry and clothing tags.

Comparative table of the efficiency of using powders




259 uah

Other organic powder


220 uah

Eco powder



158 uah

 Regular powder (mass market)


60 uah


1 kg = 32 washing


1kg = 25 washing


1 kg = 13 washing


1kg = 6 washing



1 washing =8,09 uah




1 washing=8,80 uah




1washing=12,15 uah



 1 washing=10 uah






More expensive by 25%



More expensive by 60%



More expensive by 22%



How does it work

Softens water, maintains a stable pH value. The used phyllosilicate-based foaming system eliminates the need for phosphates and zeolites. Phylosilicates have excellent water softening properties, provide the alkalinity required for the wash process, and, with the help of sodium bicarbonate, optimize the pH value.
Works at low temperatures. Citric acid from the sugar making process (eg molasses) enhances the vibrancy of the flowers and guarantees water softening in low temperature ranges. Under such conditions, natural proteases (non-GMO), enzymes that do not pose a threat to the skin and the environment, help to maintain the detergent properties of AlmaWin powder.
Prevents the appearance of lime deposits. Sodium salts of polyaspartic acid enhance the water softening effect and also prevent the formation of limescale in the cleaning solution.
Aromatizes, softens laundry. The addition of pure rice starch creates a pleasant sensation in body contact with washed items. And the delicate scent of lavender is presented by its natural essential oil.

Safety engineering

All AlmaWin products are hypoallergenic, which is confirmed by systematic independent tests. However, as a precaution, people with an allergic reaction are advised to use a double rinse cycle.


Vegetable surfactants (sugar), coconut fatty sulfates of ethyl alcohol, vegetable soaps, phyllosilicates, soda, sodium bicarbonate, polyaspartic acid, rice starch, citric acid, natural proteases (without gene technology), lavender essential oil. (Glossary of terms) ...

Additional recommendations

Stains can be preliminarily removed with AlmaWin bile soap and AlmaWin concentrated oxygen bleach (check the bleaching indications on the laundry label beforehand).

Recommended dosage

A 1 kg package is enough for 32 wash cycles.
A 2 kg package is enough for 64 wash cycles.
A 10 kg bag is enough for 320 wash cycles.


Recommended dosage

Slightly soiled laundry

Normally soiled laundry

Heavily soiled laundry

Economical wash

1 (soft water)

30 ml

70 ml

105 ml

87 kg dry laundry

2 (medium water)

40 ml

80 ml

120 ml

80 kg dry laundry

3 (hard water)

50 ml

100 ml

150 ml

62 kg dry laundry


19 July 2021
Порошок попробовала когда стирала детскую одежду (вручную). Он не даёт такой пены как обычные порошки, после него не нужно три -четыре раза переполаскивать, оставляет очень приятный запах, хорошо отстирывает, упрощает процесс глажки да и экономный. Ещё большой плюс этого порошка, что он не содержит вредных химических веществ. Это то что нужно, особенно для тех, у кого маленькие дети. Попробуйте и не пожалеете
19 July 2021
То, что порошок без фосфатов чувствуется. Действительно, нет "мыльного" ощущения, а думала, что не выстирает. Запах очень нравится. Безопасный на 100% (по крайней мере у моих не вызвало никакой аллергии, хотя на другие порошки бывало)
05 December 2020
Попробовала порошок Almawin. До этого имела опыт использования порошка Frosch, Sodasan и мыльных орехов. Альма вин больше всего понравился. Очень удобный и приятный в использовании. Все отстирывает, белье пахнет чистотой ( а не ароматизаторами). Если сложные пятна или воротники, то обрабатываю дополнительно желчным мылом. В общем стираю с удовольствием)