Wax candle No. 20 (length 27 cm, diameter 10 mm) Med'ok

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100% pure beeswax, smells like honey
Has a natural antimicrobial property, cleans the space
Handmade according to old Slavic technology

Wax candle No. 20 (length 27 cm, diameter 10 mm) Med'ok 

TM Medok makes church candles by hand according to the Old Slavic technology, by the method of dipping. When making candles in this way, the wick is lowered into the molten wax several times. For the first time in three minutes it is impregnated with wax, then removed, and the workpiece is rolled. The second time the workpiece is dipped in wax for a third of the length and kept in it for 4 seconds. After that, the candle cools for 2 minutes. The third time the candle is dipped in wax at the same time to the middle, then removed for 3 minutes. The fourth time the candle is lowered by three quarters of the length, and the fifth time - completely. Then the whole process is repeated until the desired thickness of the candle is reached.

Several centuries ago, a special numbering of wax candles was introduced from 6 to 140. This number shows how many candles were made from a pound (400 g) of wax. The smaller the number, the thicker and heavier the candle.

Our candles have numbers 100, 60 and 20.

Candle length № 20 - 27 cm, diameter - 10 mm. Such a candle burns for 140 minutes.

Natural wax candles can be used not only for worship. A burning wax candle creates a favorable atmosphere in the house, gives a feeling of peace and comfort. Beeswax contains essential oils, resins, propolis. These substances are harmful to harmful microbes, many of which are in apartments.

Manufacturer: Med’ok

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