Wheat flour with whole grain organic Ahimsa, 1kg

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Whole grain

Ahimsa organic whole wheat flour, 1kg

Ahimsa fields are located in the protected area of ​​the Dnipropetrovsk region, with. Chernechenna.

Within a radius of 100 km there are no factories and factories, nearby is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe - Orel, and the soil is the best in Ukraine and Europe.

The main benefit of whole grain flour is the presence in its composition of all the components of the wheat grain itself. It is known that almost all vitamins and minerals in wheat are concentrated in the shell - the very bran and aleurone layer that are removed in preparation for milling.

Therefore, the composition of whole grain flour contains B vitamins, vitamins E, H, calcium, manganese, iron, chromium. These elements have a beneficial and healing effect on the circulatory, cardiovascular, and digestive systems of the body.

In addition, the main difference from ordinary flour is the presence of fiber, indigestible grain shells, which stimulate intestinal motility, improve stool and prevent the absorption of cholesterol and the start of putrefactive processes in the intestine. It is the fiber that prevents the dough from rising normally during baking. But its absence in flour products is the cause of metabolic disorders and digestive problems.

Grade: Second

Ingredients: organic whole grain wheat flour.

Manufacturer: Ahimsa

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