White food clay, 100 g Kaolinfood

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Gluten free
To cleanse the body of toxins, an alternative to pharmacy sorbents
Silicon source, for indoor and outdoor use
From ecologically clean regions of Ukraine

White food clay, 100 g

Clay for cleansing the body of toxins. Silicon source

Food clay is an alternative to pharmacy sorbents. Its peculiarity is that it is a natural product created by nature itself. Simple and effective.

RAW MATERIALS: Produced in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine.

CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: Silicon (46%), aluminum oxide, iron, titanium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium. Most importantly, the clay contains 46% silicon. This is a very high figure for white clay. And the second important fact is that there are no harmful impurities, lead, arsenic, etc.

HOW IT IS CLEANED: In a mining and processing plant with the help of a pneumatic cyclone in 2 stages, then it undergoes heat treatment. Further, already on the basis of the enterprise, additional cleaning is carried out, in small batches in a similar way, in order to completely exclude the possibility of additional impurities entering. Cleaning is exclusively mechanical, no chemical reagents are used.

HEAT TREATMENT: Clay must be calcined to remove microbiology. Clay TM "White Clay" is heat treated.

For internal use:

  1. For prevention and health promotion (bowel cleansing, cleansing the body of toxins, toxins, viruses, saturation with macro- and microelements).
  2. First aid for poisoning (food, alcohol).
  3. Children in the period of growth
  4. Pregnant women need white clay to replenish vital elements in the body.

For external use:

  1. Face masks - cleanses, tightens pores, has a general tightening effect.
  2. Hair masks, to strengthen and nourish hair;
  3. Cellulite wraps, improve blood circulation, activate metabolism, as a result, the skin becomes smooth and elastic;
  4. Compresses for joint diseases;

Baths with white clay to improve metabolic processes in tissues.

Important! During the period of using clay, compliance with the water balance (1.5-2 liters of water) is mandatory.

A 100g package is enough for about a month of consumption by one person.

Manufacturer: "Dina-Dnipro", Ukraine, Dnipro.

21 July 2021
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