For the oral cavity

With oils of tea tree, mint, cloves and echinacea extract
Without fluorine
290 UAH
100% natural paste with kayeput, basil and camphor oils effectively cares for the oral cavity
Refreshes, strengthens the gums and provides antibacterial protection
Contains 40% Organic Aloe Vera
219 UAH
With mint essential oil, fermented papaya extract
40% aloe juice - soothes, protects and nourishes the gums
Free of fluoride, triclosan, microplastics, SLS, petrochemicals
219 UAH
Whitening effect, thread length 30 m
Ingredients: 99% bamboo fiber with bamboo charcoal, 1% mint oil and wax
Packaging - glass container with a dosing metal lid
112 UAH
Eco-friendly bamboo base
Bristles: nylon, medium hard
Lasts longer than a regular toothbrush
85 UAH