For shower, bath and spa

Reduces the appearance of cellulite with 5 essential toning oils
To massage or add to the bathroom
Scent with citrus notes, absorbs quickly
680 UAH
Increases sexual arousal
10 aphrodisiac essential oils
680 UAH
For peace of mind, body and soul
15 relaxing essential oils
680 UAH
100% natural with organic aloe vera and pleasant lemongrass scent
Soft surfactants for delicate cleansing
Used as shower gel and liquid soap
330 UAH
Refreshing with mint
Optimal pH
Soothes and gently cleanses
153 UAH
Based on the Greek herb dictamelia
Chamomile, sage and linden extracts soothe skin
Soft surfactants for delicate cleansing
330 UAH
One of the most effective and "thin" clays
For sluggish and tired skin
Removes toxins, smoothes expression lines, relieves fatigue, gives it elasticity
23 UAH
Tightens pores and refreshes complexion in a few minutes, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, prevents premature aging, deeply softens and nourishes the skin, effectively fights cellulite
23 UAH
Gently cleanses and nourishes the skin, gives it elasticity and velvety, restores metabolic processes in tissues, tones and smoothes wrinkles, regulates fat metabolism
For particularly delicate and sensitive skin
23 UAH
The color of green clay is due to its rich trace element composition
For oily and combination skin
Deeply cleanses the skin, eliminates dark spots on the face
22 UAH
Softens skin, tightens pores, smoothes wrinkles, cleanses and whitens
Stimulates cell regeneration, smoothes wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, restores facial contours
23 UAH
For dehydrated, dry and problem skin
Tightens pores, smoothes wrinkles, nourishes and cleanses the skin, removes blackheads and boils
Rubbing gray clay into hair and scalp strengthens hair
23 UAH
Improves blood circulation, relieves skin redness, increases the elasticity of nearby vessels and capillaries
When rubbed into the scalp, the clay strengthens weak and brittle hair
23 UAH
Removes impurities and dead cells, smoothes wrinkles, prevents the formation of acne
The high silicon content in blue clay stimulates hair growth, relieves dandruff
Masks in the foot area reduce their sweating, eliminate unpleasant odor
23 UAH
Face masks have a whitening, cleansing and nourishing effect
For all skin types
23 UAH
Magnesium in bioavailable form
Relaxes muscles and relieves tension
400 UAH