Clay Gray cosmetic, 60 g

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For dehydrated, dry and problem skin
Tightens pores, smoothes wrinkles, nourishes and cleanses the skin, removes blackheads and boils
Rubbing gray clay into hair and scalp strengthens hair

Possessing specific properties, it occupies a special place in medicine and cosmetology. Moisturizing and toning the skin, it is better than other clays for dehydrated, dry and problem skin. Gray clay masks tighten pores, smooth wrinkles, nourish and cleanse the skin, remove acne and boils. Rubbing gray clay into the hair and scalp helps to strengthen the hair, nourish the hair follicles, prevent hair breakage and loss, and protect the skin from irritation and peeling.

Baths of gray clay remove dead skin cells of the epidermis and thereby soften the rough skin of the hands and feet, promote healing of small cracks and injuries. Possessing an antiseptic and fungicidal effect, they improve metabolic processes in tissues, preventing the appearance of acne and acne.

Effectively removes blackheads and boils, moisturizes, tones and cleanses the skin, smoothes wrinkles, regenerates hair follicles, removes dandruff and excess oil.

Composition: cosmetic clay.

Manufacturer: Goldenfarm, Ukraine


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