Phytocomplete sets

Gluten free
Full complex for ARVI and influenza
21-30 days
2904 UAH
2525 UAH
Gluten free
Без цукру
Maintaining immunity
Prevention of viral diseases, influenza
Complete course
1420 UAH
1235 UAH
Cleansing from stones and sand
Full course for 20-30 days
Litholytic, anti-inflammatory action
1788 UAH
1555 UAH
Full course for osteochondrosis, arthritis and rheumatism
2020 UAH
Improves cerebral circulation and vascular health
Strengthens memory and vision
1400 UAH
Complex cleansing of the liver, kidneys and intestines
2041 UAH
1775 UAH
Organic products
Shvidka delivery
For vegetarians
1335 UAH