Soothes, relieves skin irritation after epilation, after sunburn, with atopic dermatitis
Absorbs quickly, moisturizes, softens the skin
Natural composition, 93% aloe juice
290 UAH
Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Mango Oil
Nice aroma of geranium
Restores, moisturizes, improves skin elasticity
435 UAH
With organic aloe and coconut oil
Unscented, versatile cream for sensitive skin, suitable for children from 0 and adults
Protects, moisturizes, soothes and regenerates the skin
390 UAH
Aluminum-free, non-blocking pores, based on an effective alternative - zinc
Zinc regulates perspiration and neutralizes odor
Tea tree oil and geranium oil have antimicrobial properties
360 UAH
Reishi and Ginkgo Mushroom Rejuvenate and Stimulate Collagen Synthesis
Tamanu oil reduces spider veins
Jasmine oil tones the skin
435 UAH
Reishi and Ginkgo rejuvenate by stimulating collagen synthesis
Green tea relieves puffiness
Hyaluronic acid moisturizes
435 UAH
Antibacterial Organic Tea Tree Oil
53% organic aloe vera juice
Effectively cares for the oral cavity
360 UAH
Gluten free
Без цукру
Strengthens the immune system, increases the body's resistance
Thins the blood
Accelerates recovery
242 UAH
With organic aloe vera and guava
Gently cares for your hair, leaving your hair shiny and manageable
210 UAH
100% natural with organic aloe vera and pleasant lemongrass scent
Soft surfactants for delicate cleansing
Used as shower gel and liquid soap
412 UAH
100% natural with organic aloe vera and refreshing lemongrass scent
Concentrate, dilute 1: 2
Lathers and rinses well, suitable for the whole family, including sensitive skin and colored hair
412 UAH
Refreshing peppermint oil
53% organic aloe vera juice
Effectively cares for the oral cavity
360 UAH
Refreshing with mint
Optimal pH
Soothes and gently cleanses
180 UAH
Improves cerebral circulation and vascular health
Strengthens memory and vision
1575 UAH
Gluten free
For the liver. Cleansing the body
Anti-inflammatory, choleretic action
Improves Digestion and Skin Condition
195 UAH
Gluten free
Dissolution of stones and sand in the kidneys and gallbladder
Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory action
242 UAH
Extra soft, thick, rectangular
Organic cotton, no plastic
213 UAH
Takes care of chemically treated hair damaged by sun and sea
Oils nourish and condition hair and scalp
For head massage or mask
690 UAH
For strengthening and conditioning fine and brittle hair
Oils condition hair and scalp while nourishing skin and follicles
For head massage or mask
863 UAH
Tones up and improves concentration
8 oils: orange, Canadian balsam, bergamot, eucalyptus, lime, mint, incense, lemon
438 UAH
For a good night and easy sleep
10 oils: lavender, thyme, geranium, vetiver, bergamot, petitgrain, ylang-ylang, chamomile, backgammon, styrax
450 UAH
Invigorates, cheers up, relieves stress
12 oils: bergamot, chamomile, incense, lemon, sandalwood, orange, rose, cloves, ylang-ylang, cedar, jasmine, styrax
550 UAH
To ease breathing and relieve nasal congestion
Cleansing Blend for All Winter Diseases
7 oils: 2 types of eucalyptus, tea tree, niauli, kayeput, ravensara, mint
188 UAH
Magnesium in bioavailable form
Relaxes muscles and relieves tension
563 UAH
To enhance mood and sexual desire
12 oils: patchouli, jasmine, lime, orange, rose, petitgrain, ylang-ylang, laurel, mint, champaca cedragolias, benzoin gum.
525 UAH
Protects against infections
Prevention of colds, acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections
10 oils: eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon, niauli, mint, ravensara, tea tree, cloves, pine, immortelle
488 UAH
For aromatization of premises
Mini humidifier
Automatic shutdown function
1875 UAH
Relieves nervous tension, tones, anti-stress, relieves back pain
Male aphrodisiac
500 UAH
Improves concentration and memory, freshens the air
Relieves pain
Great Britain
450 UAH
"Erotic oil" - helps to overcome limitations and ignite the fire of passion
Soothes, uplifting, sweet scent
608 UAH
"Sun" oil, antidepressant, improves mood
Sicily (Italy)
586 UAH