Exchange and return conditions

After inspecting the goods at the "New mail" warehouse, accepting it and signing the invoice, claims to the quality of the goods are not accepted.

According to the Закону Украины "О защите прав потребителей", you can return or exchange goods of proper quality within 14 days after receipt.

Exchange or return of goods is made if it has not been used and has retained its presentation, consumer properties, seals, label and receipt and refers to the list of goods subject to exchange and return.

Goods of good quality cannot be exchanged or returned: food products, phytopreparations, hygiene items (pads, toothbrushes), cosmetics, bed linen, printed publications.

If the product is of inadequate quality - please contact us +38 (068) 340 44 42 - we will clarify all the details, exchange for another or refund your money. It will take us 1 to 5 business days to process your return / exchange request.