Welcome to Natur Boutique!

This is a story about a healthy life

We are a family company founded in 1991. Since then, our activities are related to health and herbal medicines, and today we are also fans of organic products.
Натур Бутік органічні проудкти вітаміни натуральні засоби

The first organic store

In 2008 we opened the first store in Ukraine for natural and organic products. At that time it was the only retail store that offered consumers organic products.

Today Natur Boutique is 3 stores and an online store www.natur-boutique.ua

The range reaches more than 2000 items, of which more than 70% are certified organic products.

We want to give the city dweller an alternative choice. If you are against GMOs, artificial additives and harmful components, remember, you have a simple solution - to switch your focus to healthy, organic and whole foods. With your money you vote for what you want to see on store shelves.

Natur Boutique is a healthy choice!
Про нас
Organic food
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Grown without pesticides, agrochemicals and GMOs
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Ancient recipes for prevention and comprehensive treatment
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Organic cosmetics
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Without petrochemical products, microplastics, parabens, silicones
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Organic detergents
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Safe for humans and the environment
Why Natur Boutique?
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We care about the uniqueness of the range. That is why we are the exclusive representatives of more than a dozen brands and independently import phytopreparations, food and cosmetics from Great Britain, Greece, Vietnam, France, Hungary

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We encourage customers to buy in their bags, make a discount for exchange packaging, clean the room only with organic detergents, flavor with natural essential oils, sort waste

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We carefully choose products, check organic certificates, composition and taste properties, go to businesses and farms. Yes, our stores get only a decent product so you can relax and not check the composition