Wholesale customers

Wholesale of herbal medicines, cosmetics, healthy and organic products

Wholesale of herbal remedies, cosmetics, healthy and organic products, food distributor, cosmetics distributor

Wholesale trade in phytopreparations, cosmetics, healthy and organic products

Favorable conditions for:

— wholesale companies, pharmacies, doctors, health stores
— supermarkets, organic retail and online stores
— fitness clubs, yoga studios and beauty salons
— restaurants and gas stations.

Price from more than 500 items:

— Phytopreparations fito
— Goods for health (Natur Boutique beekeeping products).
— Food products (organic teas, bars, Natur Boutique oils, Total Sweet xylitol).
— Cosmetics (shampoo, Natur Boutique soap, Herbatint hair dyes, Natracaree organic hygiene products).

Advantages of working with us:

— a wide range of quality products
— 25 years of experience in the Ukrainian market
— Flexible discount and payment system
— Delivery within 3 days

Ask for the price and terms of payment:
Iryna Yarmulkovska
Corporate gifts

We will help you choose a holiday organic box so that your employees are 100% satisfied.

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Delivery to public institutions

Organic products to every restaurant, hotel, school, kindergarten and maternity hospital!

We know for sure that your meals will be healthier and tastier with the use of organic products, and your customers will be pleasantly surprised by the conscious approach to the selection of products!

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