Tibetan techniques for rejuvenation
5 Tibetan rituals
80 UAH
how to maintain women's health without pills
causes of pelvic pain and how to prevent it
exercise for back pain
45 UAH
author's method of eating without meat and dairy products
dish recipes
500 UAH
features of fast food production
459 UAH
the role of cereals in nutrition
dish recipes
180 UAH
nutritional advice to preserve youth and health
464 UAH
useful properties of honey
honey for medicinal and cosmetic purposes
90 UAH
properties of fats, fat and oil products and eggs
egg recipes
80 UAH
nutritional value and medicinal properties of milk
which milk to prefer for children and adults
dairy recipes
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how to form your diet according to the rules of a healthy diet
diet myths
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3 global ways to get food for humans
health effects of food
552 UAH
basic principles of diet planning
tips on how to lose weight, cleanse your skin, become more energetic
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recommendations for every day how to wean a child from sweets
healthy breakfast menu for children
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a unique method of losing weight
Pierre Ducan is a nutritionist with over 30 years of experience
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normalization of pressure, removal of neuralgic pain
56 UAH
Tibetan techniques for rejuvenation
5 Tibetan rituals
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spice description
use for medicinal and culinary purposes
recipes with spices
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how to build a normal relationship with a child
how to make a child obey
if the relationship with the child is at an impasse
60 UAH
recommendations for slowing down the aging process
how to get rid of bad habits
80 UAH
reality transurfing
recommendations for cleansing the body and healthy eating
120 UAH
gymnastics for the face
smoothing wrinkles, restoring skin tone
200 UAH
exercises for facelift, neck lifting and body shaping
nutritional recommendations
recipes for making masks and creams
387 UAH
achieving your goals using reality transurfing
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treatment of arthritis, arthrosis
knee recovery after injuries and surgeries
exercises to treat knee pain
41 UAH
exercises to strengthen the body
recommendations for the treatment of gout, back pain, arthritis, arthrosis, etc.
40 UAH
recommendations for the treatment of vascular diseases
exercises to normalize blood pressure
gymnastics for the heart and blood vessels
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the first signs of osteochondrosis
recommendations for the treatment of osteochondrosis
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