Ginkgo-f phytotea fito ginkgo biloba nootropic

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Ginkgo-f phytotea fito ginkgo biloba nootropic
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Improves memory and concentration
Restores the elasticity of blood vessels
Relieves headache

Ginkgo-f photo fito, 20 filter bags

Strengthens cerebral blood circulation, improves memory, hearing and vision, restores the elasticity of cerebral vessels in sclerosis, relieves headaches, dizziness, increases the effectiveness of post-stroke and pre-stroke therapy.

Medicinal plants from GINKGO-f have long served human health. So, Ginkgo biloba has been used for food in China for the fifth millennium.

Appearing on Earth about 280 million years ago, ginkgo is the only plant of the same name family that survived after the Ice Age, and therefore, it is sometimes called a "living fossil". The first mentions of the medicinal effect of Ginkgo leaves were contained in ancient recipes of traditional Chinese medicine, published 2800 BC. For 300 years before Christ, people in the East appreciated the unique properties of Ginkgo biloba to prevent premature aging. In the West, scientists have studied the effect of Ginkgo in full relatively recently and have established the therapeutic and prophylactic properties of the plant: antioxidant, strengthening blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

The active substances of Ginkgo biloba have an antispasmodic and vasodilatory effect, reduce capillary permeability, normalizing their tone. Ginkgo reduces blood viscosity and thereby improves its rheological properties, is an effective means of preventing thrombophlebitis and rehabilitation of the consequences of coronary thrombosis, ischemic strokes

10 November 2023
Завжди купую для своїх батьків цей чай дуже смачний, його можна пити на постійні основі.
Результат чудовий.
28 January 2021
Чай Гинго Fito принимаю уже на протяжении 3 лет вместо обычного чая . Это натуральное средство, которое повышает эластичность и прочность кровеносных сосудов, а также препятствует образованию тромбов.
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Ginkgo-f phytotea fito ginkgo biloba nootropic

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