Fitorelax fito anti-stress, soothing, insomnia

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Fitorelax fito anti-stress, soothing, insomnia
Good manufacturing practice - quality standard for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.
Anti-stress, improves sleep quality
Soothes without braking effect
Heart tonic

I will calm down, I know the nerves, I will reduce sleep, beneficially infused into the heart-vascular and nerve systems. Kindly to women in the period of menopause.

The phytocomposition of FITORELAX was created according to the canons of traditional medicine on the basis of an ancient manuscript. The secret of efficiency is in the warehouse, which includes 13 unique long-life components, leather supplements and supplements for one. FITORELAX nadaє complex, soft and build-up in an hour infused into the body of people.

FITORELAX normalizes the central nervous system to the robot, friendly to the heart-vascular system, reducing the manifestation of pathological symptoms in the climacteric period. Naturally prudent FITORELAX guarantor will ensure that you will be safe, secure and healthy.

Packaging: 40 capsules

Ingredients: Campanulaceae roots (radices Campanulaceae), Sage roots (Radices Salviae), Chinese angelica roots (radices Angelicae sinencis), Poria mushroom (Poria), Ophiopogoni roots, Asparagus (Radices Asparamania) roots ), roots of Norwich (radices Scrophulariae), roots of Senega (radices Polygalae), seeds of Jojoba (semen Zizyphi jujubae), seeds of Thuja oriental (semen Thujae), Roots of Shirokodzvochka (radices Platycodi), fruits of Schimonweed magnesium stearate).

The group of medicinal plants Angelica, Poria, Remania, Campanumea and Lemongrass has a calming and adaptogenic effect, stabilizes the nervous and cardiovascular systems, promotes rapid sleep and prolongs sleep.

The complex of biologically active substances Senega, Thuja and Lemongrass has a mild antispasmodic effect, normalizes the heart and hematopoietic organs.

Sage, Asparagus, Ofiopogon, Jojoba and Thuja have anti-inflammatory effects and are used for itching and redness of the skin caused by neuralgic disorders.

The composition includes Diagel and Remania, which, from the point of view of Oriental medicine, harmonize the female beginning of "Yin" and contribute to the normalization of psycho-emotional state during menopause and during postpartum rehabilitation.

In traditional oriental medicine, the classic recipe FITORELAX is used:

  • as a sedative for neurasthenia, accompanied by irritability, anxiety, fear, fatigue;
  • to improve well-being with a headache caused by nervous overstrain;
  • to improve sleep, makes it deep and full, eliminates feelings of morning fatigue and brokenness;
  • as a cardiac tonic that helps to restore mild functional disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • as a tool with anti-inflammatory properties and is used for itching caused by neurological disorders.
  • Dosing: 2 capsules 2-3 times a day. Course of acceptance: 30 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated 3-4 times a year.

Contraindications: not recommended for children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as for individual sensitivity to the components of the product.

It is recommended to combine:

  • with SEVONE herbal tea to get rid of nervous disorders and insomnia as soon as possible;
  • with extract, capsules, herbal tea FITOLINCHI in disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • with chrysanthemum herbal tea at high pressure associated with nervous overstrain;
  • with herbal tea HEPATE and POLYGONUM for the fastest recovery of the body in the postpartum period;
  • with NMU ZYA BI extract at strong psychoemotional loadings and vegetative-vascular dystonia.

The product is made according to the traditional recipe with its own extraction of biologically active substances from medicinal plants in the conditions of the world quality standard, which is presented for the production of pharmaceutical products GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This guarantees stable efficiency, high quality and safety.

Dietary supplement. Not a medicine. Do not exceed the specified recommended amount for daily consumption. Dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a complete diet.

A product manufactured according to a traditional recipe with its own examination of biologically active substances from medicinal plants on the terms of a generally accepted quality standard provided for the production of GMP pharmaceutical products (Good Manufacturing Practice). This guarantees stable efficiency, high quality and safety.

Manufacturer: FITO PHARMA Pharmaceutical Factory, Vietnam.

Distributor: PE "Victoria", Ukraine, Kyiv, st. Magnitogorskaya 1E, +38 044 502 60 36, +38 067 324 84 64.

Pharmacist-consultant, manager of work with doctors: +38 097 256 00 81

Certification: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).




Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Center for Endocrine Surgery, Organ and Tissue Transplantation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after I. P.L. Shupika Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
prof. S. M. Cherenko, Ph.D. n. V. V. Stepanenko

The study was carried out in 2 groups of patients with thyrotoxicosis with the same severity of the disease. The study included patients aged 20 to 50 years, with a predominance of young people, among them women - 32, men - 8.

An obligatory criterion for the inclusion of patients in the study was the presence of vegetative changes: a tendency to redness or paleness, numbness or coldness of the toes, discoloration of the skin of the extremities, a feeling of palpitations of "fading", "cardiac arrest", a feeling of shortness of breath, lack of air, disturbances functions of the digestive system (tendency to constipation, diarrhea, bloating), fainting or feeling that you can lose consciousness, paroxysmal headaches, decreased performance, rapid fatigue.

As a result of the treatment carried out within 2 weeks, there was a significant decrease in the symptoms of thyrotoxicosis in patients of both the main and control groups, however, in the main group, after treatment, most of the neurological symptoms of thyrotoxicosis disappeared in a larger number of patients - trembling in the hands, pulsation in the body, increased irritability, hysterical attacks, fearfulness.

Table 1
Dynamics of neurological symptoms of thyrotoxicosis

Number of patients
Main groupControl group
Before treatmentAfter treatmentBefore treatmentAfter treatment
Trembling hands201001520100840
Pulsation in the body1680151575525
Increased irritability2010021020100945
Hysterical attacks12600 1470420
Feeling hot17850 1575210

Table 2
Scale for assessing autonomic disorders in patients with thyrotoxicosis

Points on the Autonomic Disorders ScaleMain group, pointsControl group, points
Before treatmentAfter treatmentBefore treatmentAfter treatment
A tendency to redness or pale skin2,8± 0,20,9± 0,13,0± 0,41,7± 0,2
Numbness or coldness in the toes3,6± 0,51,0± 0,033,2± 0,41,9± 0,5
Discoloration of the skin of the limbs4,4± 0,61,5± 0,014,8± 0,53,8± 0,6
Feeling of heartbeat "fading", "cardiac arrest"6,4± 0,51,5± 0,016,7± 0,72,7± 0,4
Excessive sweating4,2± 0,40,5± 0,014,3± 0,52,8± 0,6
Feeling of shortness of breath, lack of airа2,4± 0,60,5± 0,12,8± 0,40,8± 0,6
Dysfunction of the digestive system (tendency to constipation, diarrhea, bloating)5,4± 0,41,2± 0,25,8± 0,72,6± 0,7
Fainting or feeling like you might pass out4,4± 0,60,5± 0,014,8± 0,50,8± 0,6
Paroxysmal headaches6,4± 0,51,5± 0,26,8± 0,43,8± 0,4
Decreased performance; fast fatiguability4,4± 0,30,5± 0,14,8± 0,61,9± 0,6
Sleep disturbance4,9± 0,20,5± 0,064,6± 0,32,4± 0,2
Total score4,1± 0,40,9± 0,064,3± 0,52,1± 0,4


Table 3 Dynamics of vital signs


Vital signsMain groupControl group
Before treatmentAfter treatmentBefore treatmentAfter treatment
Pulse, beats / min112,8± 0,272,3± 0,5118,8± 0,888,8± 0,6
BP, mm Hg Art.192,8/120,4± 5,3/1,6142,4/89,4± 3,2/1,4198,3/112,4± 2,6/1,1178,5/100,3± 4,1/1,5
Weight, kg62,6± 3,568,3± 4,265,2± 2,870,4± 1,3




  • The studies carried out prove that Phytorelax is an effective remedy that normalizes the functions of the autonomic nervous system, the cardiovascular system, has a sedative effect on the central nervous system, which manifested itself in reducing the symptoms of thyrotoxicosis and normalizing sleep.
  • The drug "Fitorelax" is an effective drug for the preoperative preparation of patients with thyrotoxicosis.
  • Since thyrotoxicosis is a disease with pronounced disorders of the nervous system in the direction of increasing its excitability, the data of this study can be extrapolated to other diseases with similar disorders of the central and autonomic nervous systems.
11 reviews
19 March 2023
Фіторелакс це мій головний помічник від безсоння і стресу. Натуральний і дієвий. Рекомендую всім у кого проблеми - безсоння, стрес, дратівливість.
Галина Кузнец
06 December 2022
Есть проблемы, по совету врача начала принимать Фиторелакс fito, чувствую себя значительно лучше и врач говорит, что есть положительная динамика.
19 January 2022
Хороший помощник при климаксе, после курса в один месяц по 1-ой капсуле три раза в день, забываешь про приливы на три, четыре месяца, пропадает раздражительность, улучшается сон. Принимаю в комплексе с чаем Севоне. После комплексного курса в один месяц, далее чай Севоне по одному пакету в день, иногда через день до повторного комплексного курса. Количество принимаемых капсул не увеличиваю, никаких побочных проявлений не было. Отличный натуральный препарат и приятный лечебный чай. Рекомендую!
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Fitorelax fito anti-stress, soothing, insomnia

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