Phytocerebralizin capsules fito ginkgo biloba nootropic

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Phytocerebralizin capsules fito ginkgo biloba nootropic
Good manufacturing practice - quality standard for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.
Ginkgo biloba
Improves memory, relieves headaches

Strengthens cerebral circulation, improves memory, hearing, vision, relieves headaches and dizziness, increases the effectiveness of therapy for pre- and post-stroke conditions.

Medicinal plants from the composition of FITOCEREBRALISIN - f have long served the health of people. So, Ginkgo biloba has been used for food in China for the fifth millennium.

Appearing on Earth about 280 million years ago, ginkgo is the only plant of the same name family that survived after the Ice Age, and therefore, it is sometimes called a "living fossil". The first mentions of the medicinal effect of Ginkgo leaves were contained in ancient recipes of traditional Chinese medicine, published 2800 BC. For 300 years before Christ, people in the East appreciated the unique properties of Ginkgo biloba to prevent premature aging. In the West, scientists have studied the effect of Ginkgo in full relatively recently and have established the therapeutic and prophylactic properties of the plant: antioxidant, strengthening blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

FITOCEREBRALISIN-f increases the functional activity of the central nervous system, promotes activation of the cerebral cortex, restoration of disturbed blood supply, improvement of memory and clarity of thought.

Ingredients: Ginkgo biloba extractum, leaf and seed extract, Polysciacis extractum, excipient (magnesium stearate).

Packaging: 40 capsules

The active substances of Ginkgo biloba have an antispasmodic and vasodilatory effect, reduce capillary permeability, normalizing their tone. Ginkgo reduces blood viscosity and thereby improves its rheological properties, is an effective means of preventing thrombophlebitis and rehabilitation of the consequences of coronary thrombosis, ischemic strokes and other vascular diseases. Ginkgo biloba increases the elasticity and strength of the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, prevents fragility, regulates blood circulation and oxygen saturation, improves memory, improves learning ability and concentration. Ginkgo biloba has an effect on reducing the speed of thinking, with increased mental stress, helps to restore impaired (including as a result of age-related changes) hearing, vision, speech functions.

The multi-zone plant has an adaptogenic effect, and also acts as an auxiliary component that enhances and prolongs the effect of Ginkgo.

In traditional oriental medicine, the classic formulation FITOCEREBRALISIN is used:

  • to enhance cerebral and peripheral circulation, improve memory, hearing and vision;
  • to restore the elasticity of cerebral vessels in atherosclerosis;
  • to relieve headaches, dizziness, vestibular disorders (tinnitus);
  • as a tonic for increasing mental performance, concentration and clarity of thinking;
  • for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Method of administration and dosage: 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day. Reception course: 30 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated 3-4 times a year.

Not recommended for children under 12 years of age.

Dietary supplement. It is not a drug.

It is recommended to combine:

OPHTHALMOVIT capsules and herbal teas SOFORA, CHRYSANTEMA to restore the elasticity and permeability of blood vessels;
FITOLINCHI extract, capsules or herbal tea to improve oxygen supply to tissues;
FITOGRA capsules for increased mental stress;
herbal tea SEVONE or FITORELAX capsules during periods of nervous tension.

The product is manufactured according to a traditional recipe with its own extraction of biologically active substances from medicinal plants in the conditions of the global quality standard for the production of pharmaceutical products GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This guarantees consistent performance, high quality and safety.

Contraindications: not recommended for children, pregnant women and women during lactation, as well as with individual sensitivity to the components of the product.

Manufacturer: pharmaceutical factory FITO PHARMA, Vietnam.

Distributor: Private Enterprise "Victoria", Ukraine, Kiev, st. Magnitogorskaya 1E, +38 044 502 60 36, +38 067 324 84 64.

Pharmacist-consultant, manager of work with doctors: +38 097 256 00 81

Certification: GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).




Medical Institute of the Ukrainian Association of Traditional Medicine;
State Research Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, Kiev
S. A. Oleinik, P. P. Pavlichenko, V. E. Shevchenko, V. V. Stepanenko.

The study involved 40 athletes of various sports qualifications, aged 19 to 32, who were at a training camp in Yalta at the stage of the preparatory period of training loads. The athletes were divided into two groups of 20 people each: 1 (research) group (11 men and 9 women) - persons who received "Phytocerebralisin-F" for two weeks, 1 capsule 2 times a day; Group 2 - control (15 men and 5 women). The examination of athletes was carried out before the start of the course of taking the drug and immediately after its completion.

When examining athletes, the following methods were used: measuring the level of mental activity during training and competitive loads. After the assessment by the patients, the summation of the points and the quantitative assessment were carried out in three directions: well-being, activity, and mood. Also, the following items were added to the above items: appetite, energy, ability to work, dizziness, sweating, sleep, determination of the ability to concentrate, which was assessed by the time to complete the task in seconds, the eight-color Luscher test with the determination of anxiety and stability of the emotional sphere of mental activity, situational test Spielberger's anxiety, determining the speed of neuromuscular transmission using a taping test, determining the presence of a syndrome complex of acclimatization and maladjustment disorders (headache, weakness, deterioration in well-being, weakness, drowsiness, etc.), determining the morning pulse and measuring blood pressure in the state rest and ECG.

In the control group of athletes at the end of the study, the resting pulse, systolic and diastolic blood pressure increased, which is a sign of the development of fatigue processes at the end of the study; this is also indicated by a decrease in SAN test scores, appetite, subjective feelings of energy and work capacity. Also, at the end of the study, the athletes in the control group had an increase in the stress index after the orthopedic test, which indicates an excessive activation of the sympathetic nervous system; this is confirmed by a decrease in the indicator of the variation range and an increase in the total power of the regulation systems. According to the ECG study, the development of fatigue processes is evidenced by an increase in the difference between the QRS and T angles, an increase in the rate of myocardial fatigue and a decrease in the rate of metabolic supply of the myocardium. In addition, several athletes developed sleep disturbances. So, the analysis of the dynamics of indicators in the control group testifies to the development in athletes under the influence of training loads of high intensity of the processes of maladjustment, overwork and overload with activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

In the group of athletes who received "Phytocerebralisin-F", the following changes in the studied parameters were observed: the pulse rate at rest, systolic and diastolic blood pressure practically did not change during the study, the indicators of the SAN test also practically did not change, appetite, energy, work capacity, time the Schulte test performance practically did not change, the indicator of the amplitude of the mode in the VPM decreased, the index of stress at rest decreased, there was a tendency to an increase in the number of high frequency waves and a decrease in the number of low frequency waves, which reflects an increase in fitness and the absence of fatigue. The ECG results indicate the absence of cardiac overload, an increase in myocardial reserve. For those athletes who had sleep disorders, sleep returned to normal. So, in the group of athletes who received the study drug, there are no processes of overwork and overload, the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system has increased, which characterizes the growth of fitness and adaptive potential.

When interviewing athletes who received the drug, it was also revealed that they did not have a syndromic complex of acclimatization and maladjustment disorders, and 8 of them noted that they had always had these symptoms during their previous visits to Yalta, Crimea.


  • The athletes of the control group develop the processes of overwork, maladjustment, excessive activation of the sympathetic nervous system, uneconomical work of the heart muscle and regulation systems under the influence of high-intensity training loads, while in the athletes who received "Phytocerebralisin-F", such phenomena were less pronounced , which indicates the adaptogenic effect of the drug. "Phytocerebralizin-F" also prevents the emergence of a syndromic complex of impaired acclimatization and maladjustment when moving to other climatic conditions.
  • In athletes who have sleep problems, "Phytocerebralizin-F" exhibits a normalizing effect; when taking "Phytocerebralizin-F", the frequency of dizziness decreased. Taking the drug is not accompanied by the occurrence of significant adverse reactions.
  • "Phytocerebralizin-F" can be recommended for athletes at the preparatory stage of sports loads in order to prevent overwork, when moving to other climatic conditions, when resuming sports training after a period of rest, for athletes who have sleep problems or complain of dizziness.


20 reviews
20 February 2024
Вітаю, дуже вдячна за пораду.
Спробувала Фітоцеребралізін мені він гарно допоміг, пройшла головна біль, покращилась пом'ять.
Супер, рекомендую!!!!
10 November 2023
Фітоцерабралізін завжди пропиваю курсом. Особливо коли потрібно іти на екзамен 😁
Покращує пам'ять і додає впевненості 👍
Рекомендую 😉
18 February 2022
Очень качественный и проверенный препарат!!! в миллион раз лучше всяких таблеток. Прошли головные боли, бессонница.

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Phytocerebralizin capsules fito ginkgo biloba nootropic

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