Phytocomplete Antiviral

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Phytocomplete Antiviral
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Full complex for ARVI and influenza
21-30 days

As part of the phytocomplete: Flu-yin capsules - 3 packs, Phytopulmin 200 ml - 4 packs

Fitolinchi 200 ml - 4 packages, Red Elephant - 1 package, Green Elephant - 1 package

Allows you to get a complete and convenient course for the prevention and complex treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, influenza and at the same time save 15%.

The kit is designed for 21-30 days.

Flu-yin capsules are vegetable capsules for colds and flu. Show antiviral, antibacterial, antipyretic, analgesic, detoxifying and restorative properties.

The maximum effect is observed on the first day of the onset of the malaise, and therefore we recommend that you always have Flu-yin in your first aid kit.

It is used for prophylaxis, as well as as an adjuvant in complex therapy for acute respiratory diseases, chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, as a general strengthening and therapeutic and prophylactic agent during remission.

Ingredients: Wormwood herb, Honeysuckle flowers, Kempferia rhizome, Railings leaves, Elsgolzia grass, Nightshade stems, Field mint grass.

More details and method of application: Flu Yin.

Phytopulmin 200 ml - for any cough.

Strengthens the immune system, has mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects.

The classic oriental recipe FITOPULMIN consists of 12 plants that act in a complex, strengthening the entire body as a whole.

Ingredients: roots of Shirokokolokolchik, rhizome of Turmeric long, fruits of Apricot common, mulberry tree bark, roots of Gorichnik, mandarin peel, roots of Licorice, leaves of a mulberry tree, roots of Tatar Aster, roots of Asparagus, Perilla leaves, Menthol, Coleus leaves.

Clinical trials: Phytopulmin has passed 3 clinical trials in Ukraine, including on patients with acute bronchopneumonia, pleuropneumonia and tuberculosis. The test results showed that Phytopulmin has a pronounced mucolytic and expectorant effect, improves the drainage function of the bronchi and detoxification function of the body, and is non-toxic.

Children from 3 years old can be mixed with Baby Vit tonic.

Details and method of application: Phytopulmin

Fitolinchi 200 ml - immune booster. Restores immunity at the cellular level (does not stimulate it, but rather restores it). Increases the body's resistance to viruses. Suitable for prophylaxis and in the acute period. Increases the effectiveness of drug therapy. Adaptogen and tonic, restores after severe, long-term illnesses

Clinical trials: Passed clinical trials on patients with tuberculosis and victims of the Chernobyl accident. Studies have shown accelerated recovery, improved well-being, reduced side effects from the use of medications, and better immunological indicators.

More details and method of application: Fitolinchi

Red Elephant and Green Elephant - "First aid kit in the palm of your hand". A universal anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, warming balm, has an antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial effect.

  • with a cold: inhalation, rubbing the feet at night
  • when coughing: rubbing the back and sternum
  • for sore throat and sore throat: gargle with a Red Elephant
  • for headaches: apply to the temples
20 February 2024
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