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Maintaining immunity
Prevention of viral diseases, influenza
Complete course

Consists of: Fitolinchi 200 ml - 4 packages, Fitolinchi No. 40 - 1 package, Fitolinchi tea - 1 package

It allows you to get a complete and convenient course for maintaining immunity, preventing viral diseases, influenza, and at the same time saving 15%.

The kit is designed for 21-30 days.

Contains an extract of the mushroom lin chi (reishi). FITO PHARMA purchases mushrooms from a well-known Vietnamese supplier, which also exports to Japan.

Restores immunity at the cellular level (does not stimulate it, but it restores)

Increases the body's resistance to viruses

Suitable for prophylaxis and in the acute period

Increases the effectiveness of the main therapy

Adaptogen and tonic, restores after severe, long-term illnesses


Clinical trials: Passed clinical trials on patients with tuberculosis and victims of the Chernobyl accident. Studies have shown accelerated recovery, improved well-being, reduced side effects from the use of medications, and better immunological indicators.

More details and method of application:

Fitolinchi 200 ml

Fitolinchi No. 40

Fitolinchi tea

The miraculous properties of the Lin Chi mushroom or Ganoderma lucidum (lat.) Have been known in the east since time immemorial. More than 2000 years ago, in the “Holy Book of Miraculous Medicinal Plants” (China), Lin Chi mushroom was named “the best among the 365 most valuable medicinal plants of the East”, superior in value to ginseng. In nature, there are 6 varieties of the Lin Chi mushroom, of which the red Lin Chi mushroom, grown in Vietnam, which is part of this group of phytopreparations, has the greatest value and therapeutic activity.

In traditional oriental medicine, the classic FITOLINCHI recipe is used:

· To increase efficiency, strengthen immunity and memory, increase intellectual activity;

· As an additional tool in the complex of measures to restore the cardiovascular system (normalizes blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, prevents thrombus formation);

· To stabilize the functions of the nervous system and harmonize sleep;

· To support and protect the liver, gallbladder, pancreas; helps to improve the functions of hepatocytes, is indicated in the rehabilitation period after hepatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis;

· As a drug with antiallergic effect, including in chronic bronchitis with an asthmatic component, food allergies, etc.;

· For the prevention of neoplasms and in the presence of exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation;

· With regular long-term use, it rejuvenates and improves skin turgor, slows down the aging process and prolongs life.

· As a tonic and stimulating agent - for debilitating colds, after severe injuries, surgical interventions;

· Possessing adaptogenic properties, the drug is recommended to be used by people living in ecologically unfavorable areas.

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