Massage oil ROMANTIC Absolute Aromas, 100 ml

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Increases sexual arousal
10 aphrodisiac essential oils

Massage oil ROMANTIC Absolute Aromas, 100 ml

This blend combines Ylang Ylang and Rose with exotic Jasmine scents to tantalize the mind and excite the senses.

ROMANTIC massage oil soothes the mind and stimulates the natural balance of male and female hormones.
Use as massage oil or add to bath.

Body Oil

After showering or taking a bath, massage into skin for nourishment. This blend is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving a soft, silky feel without leaving an oily feel.

Bath oil

Add 3 caps to warm tap water for deep relaxation.

Please note: Be careful when entering and exiting the bath, as the oil can make the bath very slippery.


Share your experience with someone special and massage from head to toe to heighten the feeling of intimacy.

Hair oil

Massage 1 tablespoon of oil into scalp and hair. Leave on hair for at least half an hour, rinse thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

Ingredients: oils of sweet almond, evening primrose, jojoba; essential oils of orange, Himalayan cedar, camphor, ylang ylang, patchouli, lime, curly mint, jasmine, rose; styrax benzoic gum, vitamin E.

Caution: Do not ingest, keep away from children and eyes, do not use during pregnancy.

Manufacturer: Absolute Aromas, UK.



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