Green cosmetic clay, 60 g

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The color of green clay is due to its rich trace element composition
For oily and combination skin
Deeply cleanses the skin, eliminates dark spots on the face


Green clay contains: magnesium, calcium, silver, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper, cobalt, molybdenum. The color of green clay is due to its rich microelement composition (especially high silver content), which ensures the normal course of metabolic processes in the cell, prevents its aging, strengthens the epithelium, hair and nails.

The use of clay masks and baths in a mixture with aromatic oils, decoctions of medicinal herbs, olive oil and other ingredients since the time of Cleopatra allows you to give the skin special softness and velvety, acts as a gentle peeling, retains its beauty and attractiveness for many years. Green clay is intended for oily and combination skin of the face and scalp, as it helps to narrow pores, improves the function of the sebaceous glands and has a tonic effect. In folk medicine, green clay is used mainly for the treatment of various diseases of the skin and hair. Green clay is an excellent remedy for dandruff.

Its healing properties have been known for a long time. It contains a large amount of trace elements and salts of rare metals, which gives it strong biostimulating properties.

The use of green clay cosmetic masks leads to deep cleansing of the skin, elimination of dark spots on the face, a feeling of freshness and the presence of a delicate protective film on the face after removing the mask. Green clay baths soften the skin, pleasantly relieve the feeling of fatigue, stress and irritation due to the natural ability of green clay to take away the negative energy accumulated during the day, create a feeling of lightness and spring in the soul.

Composition: cosmetic clay.

Manufacturer: Goldenfarm, Ukraine

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