White cosmetic clay, 60 g

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Face masks have a whitening, cleansing and nourishing effect
For all skin types

Being an excellent antiseptic, white clay is successfully used in medicine. She is treated for poisoning, osteochondrosis, headaches and other diseases. Traditional healers use white and blue clay to combat baldness. Clay strengthens weak and brittle hair, as well as treats oily seborrhea. White clay contains a lot of nutrients and trace elements (silica, potassium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, etc.) and is able to give them to the skin, while exfoliating the clogged layer of the epidermis. Under its action, the vessels in the upper layers of the skin become flexible, the resulting collagen gives the skin elasticity.
Facial masks have a whitening, cleansing and nourishing effect. White clay is a real salvation for oily and problem skin. It absorbs excess fat, perfectly dries the skin and normalizes the sebaceous glands, as well as "exchanges" the poisons contained in the body and objects of bacterial metabolism for nutrients. White clay masks are also effective for hair. Under their influence, in a week the hair becomes thicker, docile and finally dandruff leaves. The effect of white clay on the skin of the face and body is truly beneficial. Kaolin makes the vessels in the upper layers of the skin flexible, promotes the formation of collagen, which, in turn, gives elasticity to the skin. White clay acts on the skin as an antiseptic, activates blood circulation, relieves inflammation. Facial masks made of white clay are divided according to its properties into whitening, cleansing, nourishing, drying, as well as masks for problem skin.
If you have oily or problem skin, white clay masks can be a real salvation. Clay absorbs excess skin fat, closes enlarged pores, perfectly dries the skin and normalizes the sebaceous glands. In addition, it relieves allergies and irritation, as well as enriches the skin with nutrients. White clay will also help owners of dry skin: there will be no trace of the previous dryness, and the skin will become soft.
Pamper your hair at least once a week with a white clay mask. The result will not take long: soon your hair will become thicker, docile, you will forget about dandruff.

Ingredients: cosmetic clay.

Manufacturer: Goldenfarm, Ukraine

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