Ahimsa organic flax seeds, 200 g

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Ahimsa organic flax seeds, 200 g

Ahimsa fields are located in the protected area of ​​the Dnipropetrovsk region, with. Chernechenna.

Within a radius of 100 km there are no factories and factories, nearby is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe - Orel, and the soil is the best in Ukraine and Europe.

What are the benefits of flax seeds?

Flaxseeds contain trace elements (potassium, magnesium, zinc and copper), unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins (E, group B), as well as carbohydrates and fiber, which help maintain a healthy weight.

Flax seeds increase the secretion of the pancreas, improve insulin production and lower blood sugar levels, and have a mild laxative effect.

They lower blood cholesterol levels and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

In folk medicine, flax seeds are used as an antitussive, expectorant.

How to use?

Add to baked goods, cereals, cocktails.

Manufacturer: Ahimsa

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