Deodorant stick Mineral Crystal WITH ALOE JUICE AND GLYCERINE DEONAT, 60 g

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Ingredients: Aluminum-ammonium alum, mangosteen.
The crystal is extracted from the natural environment in its natural form
Does not cause irritation and allergies

Deodorant stick Mineral Crystal WITH ALOE JUICE AND GLYCERINE 60 g, DEONAT

Deodorant stick with natural aloe extract and added glycerin. Without smell. Perfectly smooth, made by grinding.

DEONAT crystal has a natural antibacterial effect. By eliminating the bacteria that cause odor, it keeps you fresh for more than 24 hours, 6 to 12 times more effective than current deodorants and antiperspirants. The crystal does not stop perspiration. It is not necessary to expect complete dryness from it, it only slightly dries the skin in the places of application, without closing the skin pores and without disrupting the functions of the sweat glands. Blocking sweating with antiperspirants in the heat leads to a violation of thermoregulation, overheating of the body and even fainting.

Deonat is a 100% natural product of mountain volcanic origin.

The crystal is extracted from the natural environment in its natural form, human intervention is only in cutting off the excess, or in the formation of blanks by melting small crystals, then grinding and packaging.

Ingredients: Aluminum-ammonium alum, aloe extract, vegetable glycerin.

Benefits of DEONAT Crystal Mineral Deodorant:

  • convenient modern packaging
  • absolutely smooth surface without cracks
  • saves you sweat for up to 24 hours
  • does not contain fragrances and alcohol
  • does not cause irritation and allergies
  • suitable for both women and men
  • safe for pregnant and lactating women
  • does not leave stains on clothes

How to use: Moisten the Crystal with water and after a morning shower or bath, wipe your armpits and feet with it in the same way as you would with a roll-on or solid deodorant. The surface of the Crystal, dissolving in water, covers your skin with the finest coating, reliably protecting it from bacteria. The crystal gradually decreases in size with use, but retains its effectiveness until it disappears completely.

Manufacturer: Rhine & Fresh Co. Ltd, Thailand.



Does it always work?

When used correctly, DEONAT crystal lasts the entire period between showers or baths. However, not all sweat odors are associated exclusively with external influences - the vital activity of bacteria. The human body has a natural smell, which in a normal, healthy state is barely noticeable and most often pleasant to our sense of smell. Some people may have a more pungent body odor for several reasons. This odor the Crystal can eliminate. It also cannot temporarily drown it out, since, unlike chemical deodorants, it does not have its own smell. The main and simple criterion that the cause of the smell was not bacteria, is its appearance within a short time after taking a shower, from several minutes to 1-2 hours, despite the application of the crystal. The smell from the vital activity of bacteria appears on a healthy body, depending on external conditions, at least a few hours later, and when the DEONAT crystal is applied, it does not appear at all until the next shower. An unpleasant or simply pungent body odor can appear with hormonal or endocrine disorders, stressful situations (release of adrenaline) or chronic stress, diseases of the endocrine glands, skin diseases, heavy smoking, frequent use of alcohol, drugs, spicy and smoked foods. There are also some national characteristics of bodily odors associated with nutritional traditions, however, these odors are not perceived as unpleasant in traditional surroundings, and, as a rule, are very different from the smell caused by bacteria. Body odors caused by improper lifestyle or disease are eliminated by curing diseases, hygiene procedures and lifestyle changes. Neither DEONAT crystal nor any other deodorant can remove them.

What are the benefits of DEONAT deodorant?

DEONAT crystal is very economical. However, a stick weighing 60-100 grams will be enough for you from one year to several years of daily use. If you drop the crystal and it breaks, break it into powder - a pinch poured into your shoes will serve as a long-lasting deodorant. You can dissolve the shards in water and continue using the DEONAT crystal solution, wiping down problem areas. The crystal is lightweight and compact, indispensable for travel and travel.

Additional properties

The DEONAT crystal is a wonderful gift from nature, which has been used in Asia for centuries. The crystal helps to normalize problem skin in adolescents. Men can use DEONAT crystal after shaving to prevent skin irritation. The crystal, with its astringent effect, stops minor bleeding and promotes wound healing. DEONAT crystal will eliminate itching and swelling from mosquito and midge bites. The crystal will weaken the smells of bleach, garlic, fish from your hands.



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